Bummer: ICE Sets New Record For Nailing “Non-Criminal” Illegals

This state of affairs has made the Open Borders advocates very upset

ICE Sets New Record for Being Awful

New data released by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has revealed that arrests of undocumented immigrants with no criminal history are at an all time high, according to USA Today.

In December, only 63.5 percent of undocumented people arrested by ICE had a criminal record, the lowest number since the agency began keeping track of the data in 2012. This means that 36.5 percent of ICE arrests in December were of people who have committed no crime other than entering the country illegally.

These numbers runs counter to the narrative, frequently pushed by President Trump, that immigration agencies are going after dangerous criminals.

This is a good thing, actually, because detention of illegals involved in hard crimes are up, and ICE has stepped up catching those who are just in the country illegally, which is also a crime, but havent engaged in other serious crimes. That we know about.

“We’re wasting resources deporting a lot of people who are assets to their communities who have families and mortgages and careers and car notes, and we’re going after them with the same vigor that we’re going after kidnappers and murderers and bank robbers,” Douglas Rivlin, the communications director at immigrant advocate organization America’s Voice, told USA Today. “That’s not a smart approach to law enforcement.”

Actually, it is, as it tells all those here illegally, and those who to come illegally, that there is no free pass. Enforcement should ramp up.

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11 Responses to “Bummer: ICE Sets New Record For Nailing “Non-Criminal” Illegals”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Maybe they could spend more time chasing actual dangerous people, rather than harassing school children and their hard working parents.

    But policing dangerous, even violent, men is hard work. Arresting store clerks, kids and strawberry pickers is easy.

    • formwiz says:

      Maybe they could spend more time chasing actual dangerous people, rather than harassing school children and their hard working parents.

      I take it you have been pulled over and tried that line on many a cop.

      And lots of Border Patrol guys get shot by those store clerks, kids and strawberry pickers.

    • Dana says:

      Mr Dowd/ Bear/ Bodine sounds like the guy who got pulled over for speeding whining to the cop about all of those other guys whizzing past.

      That we’re apprehending more illegal immigrants, including those with no (known) offenses other than crossing the border illegally, is a good thing. Deport them all!

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Ah yes, the ‘unlimited resources’ argument. Con Men whine and fantasize that ‘illegals’ are raping and killing thousands, yet can’t/won’t stop the miscreants, but devote resources to tracking non-violent people.

        EVERYONE wants the criminals caught. Everyone except the NuCons, who want the political issue. You have a celebration any and every time a immigrant commits a crime.

  2. Kye says:

    So now illegals are “assets to their communities” and have “mortgages, careers and car notes”? How do people with no legitimate SS# driver licence ID, or credit score get those things? Do these leftists actually expect us to buy that crapola?

  3. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    Yay! Go ICE !!! https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

  4. Kye says:

    Speaking of ice, do you know what happens to Dyslexia Occasional-Cotex when she eats ice cream too fast?…………………………………………………….Nothing!

  5. Kye says:

    Our resident Islamophiles will be happy to hear their favorite people managed to murder six people in Afghanistan yesterday who were celebrating the evil Persian New Year. BYW, on this day in 2017 in London a convert to Elwoods favorite peace loving cult ran over people at Westminster Bridge killing four.

  6. MrDeLaGarzenzo says:

    Probably lost on the United States is the recent Election in the Netherlands.

    Al Jazeera:

    An upstart populist party shocked the Dutch political establishment by winning the most votes in provincial elections after a preliminary count in the early hours of Thursday, boosted by an attack this week in the city of Utrecht.

    The result shows the enduring strength of far-right populism in the Netherlands, coming nearly two decades after the assassination of populist Pim Fortuyn in 2002 led to a similar upset in parliamentary elections.

    The most important short-term impact is that Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s centre-right coalition will be forced to seek outside support to win Senate approval for laws passed by parliament.

    What is the significance of this? World wide immigration is coming to a halt as every nation in the EU has increasingly turned to the Nationalist Populist Country first nationalism that has been ripped from them by a Globalist Cabal.

    George W. Bush thru his ex de facto spokesman during the 2016 election said that he believes in non isolationism, Globalism and world trade and trade pacts. His brother Jeb just recently attacked Trump for going it alone while all the nations throughout Europe have more in common NOW with the United States then they have in the last 50 years. Not since Ronald Reagan has the EU felt more aligned with the United States despite what the left and the Main Stream Media would have you believe.

    Every nation in the EU is turning to Populism and Nationalism. This is in direct contravention to what Vladimir Putin wants to have happen. His plan was always to destabilize the EU but he never counted on the Trump Nationalism to sweep thru Europe. One of the problems facing Putin now in Russia is that the EU is strengthening their own forces, the prices of oil is falling and Russia is having a very difficult time in dealing with a collapsing economy while he tries to project force throughout the region as well as the world.

    This is why Putin revealed his hypersonic missile’s capable of hitting anything and there is nothing the US has in their arsenal to defend against this. Why would he reveal this at such a time when his plans for destabilizing the EU has gone so terribly wrong thanks to Donald J. Trump?

    He is returning to the roots that saw him ascend to the top of the KGB heap before the USSR fell. In that regard he now has his own immigration problems to deal with not to mention that average mother in Russia is giving birth to 9.6 babies as opposed to just 1.2 babies per non Muslim in his homeland.

    And now we have this report in which nearly 70 percent of the illegals are criminals entering the United States and the left demands open borders. In Europe the NGO’s or refugees are estimated to be along the same percentages as the US is seeing. The difference of course is cultural. For any law abiding nation to be willing to accept tens of thousands of known criminals into their homeland is an affront to law abiding citizens and demands the revisiting of why current citizens have to obey the law out of fear of being punished while immigrants do not.

    Herein lies the reason why nationalism and populism is sweeping Europe as well as much of Asia now as well. Every civilized nation relies upon order and the rule of law to exist and prosper. Take just this one thing away from any nation and chaos ensues.

    This is why Donald J. Trump is evil to the left. He has destroyed decades of their work in a single election.

    • TXRanchGal says:

      I agree! I figure if the swamp is angry, unhinged, wailing loudly, bullying, name calling, lying and scheming illegal & unethical ways to win (steal) upcoming elections then…President Trump is on target & successfuly fulfilling his promises to MAGA!
      They hate that.

  7. TXRanchGal says:

    Maybe you should head down here to TX & our almost barrier free 1200 miles of border & view the results of your progressive compassion & refusal to enforce current immigration laws.
    Maybe you could help our ranchers on the border. Take a few all night security shifts, be alert to protect your land, animals, families lives & property. That’s compassionate.
    You could compassionately clean up all the trash & assist the removal & disposal of the dead bodies of hundreds of poor undocumented immigrants who trusted their human trafficker to get them into the USA safely.
    You could volunteer to assist our overcrowded & funded by TX taxpayers (to the tune of $millions each year) schools & hospitals with English/Spanish translation & donate part of your salary to compassionately pay for their education & medical care, housing, food, etc.
    You could give them rides to Walmart so they can wire over $34 billion back to their home countries & not spend it here. I guess in a way that’s unintended but very compassionate foreign aid. You could help vet them by discovering all their aliases, stolen SSN’s & identities, fraudulent documents, driving without a license or insurance accidents & committing voter fraud + criminal acts, prison time, # of deportations, etc. That will keep you busy quite awhile since they live in the shadows & hard to find. Hint, drive through neighborhoods & look for 4-6 pickups parked in the yard, Spanish musica playing loudly & all local business signage only in Spanish.
    Put your money & your life where your big mouth is. It’s your collective bleeding compassionate leftist hearts that have pushed policies that, when implemented & per usual, create more problems than they solve.
    I wonder when it will be “enough is enough” time & we normals begin fighting back in earnest.

    of migrants left to die there.
    You could charter a few buses & haul a few hundred of these newly “catch & release” asylum seekers to your house to wait for their court date in 3 yrs. (the detention centers are maxed out, 1100 released this weekend). Hurry, where’s your compassion?
    You could

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