Commissar Bill De Blasio Has A Plan To Save NYC From Hotcoldwetdry Or Something

Fresh off forcing school kids to go meatless on Monday’s, Commissar De Blasio thinks he knows how to save NYC from a tiny rise in seas which is actually less than average

My New Plan to Climate-Proof Lower Manhattan

Six years ago, Hurricane Sandy slammed into New York City. The storm put 51 square miles of it under water. Seventeen thousand homes were damaged or destroyed. Forty-four New Yorkers lost their lives.

We don’t debate global warming in New York City. Not anymore. The only question is where to build the barriers to protect us from rising seas and the inevitable next storm, and how fast we can build them.

On Thursday, I am joining a group of climate scientists and local officials to announce we’re filling one of the biggest gaps in our coastal defenses. We’re going to protect Lower Manhattan, which includes the Financial District, home to a half-million jobs, 90,000 residents, and the nexus of almost all our subway lines.

It will be one of the most complex environmental and engineering challenges our city has ever undertaken and it will, literally, alter the shape of the island of Manhattan.

Of course, there hasn’t been a repeat of Sandy. The Battery on the west side of lower Manhattan has been seeing just .94 feet of sea rise per century, which is less than expected during a Holocene warm period.

All across this country, cities are grappling with the same existential threat. But nowhere in the $4.75 trillion budget President Trump just proposed is there anything approaching a plan to protect our coastal cities from rising seas.

If you’re guessing that there is a lot of whining about Trump throughout the fable from Bill, you’d be correct

The plan we’re announcing will invest a half-billion dollars to fortify most of Lower Manhattan with grassy berms in parks and removable barriers than can be anchored in place as storms approach. But there’s one part of this area that will prove more complex, and more costly, to defend than all the others combined.

South Street Seaport and the Financial District, along the eastern edge of Lower Manhattan, sit so close to sea level — just eight feet above the waterline — and are so crowded with utilities, sewers, and subway lines that we can’t build flood protection on the land. So we’ll have to build more land itself.

What could possibly go wrong?

When we complete the coastal extension, which could cost $10 billion, Lower Manhattan will be secure from rising seas through 2100.

And, of course, Bill wants federal dollars to pay for it. Good luck with that.

The reason we’re forced take dramatic action now is because for years so many in Washington put the profits of Big Oil over the future of our planet. New York City is divesting our pension funds from the fossil-fuel companies who caused this crisis and we’re suing them for refusing to act when they knew the damage it would cause to cities like ours.

NYC literally couldn’t run without fossil fuels. All the private cars, taxis, limos, buses, trucks bringing in all the goods. None of those skyrises could have been built without them. Those bridges are for fossil fueled vehicles. The airports. Bill’s own fossil fueled vehicle which will take him from the Mayor’s house down to southern Manhattan.

The national emergency is already here. We have to meet it head-on. And we need Washington behind us.

Hey, why not just raise taxes on NYC residents? Most of them are like minded Warmists will to pay through the nose on this, right?

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10 Responses to “Commissar Bill De Blasio Has A Plan To Save NYC From Hotcoldwetdry Or Something”

  1. Kye says:

    When a pinko like Duh! Blasio says “we need Washington behind us” it’s leftist code for tax the sh!t out of the Deplorables in Cheyenne and give me the money cause’ we’re better than they are. You know, classic commie “redistribution of wealth” from the creators in Wyoming to the Billionaires of Wall Street.

  2. StillAlive says:

    I am all for NYC building sea walls to keep out storm surge and rising tides.

    The left is terrified by rising oceans. Build sea walls. Wait, I thought WALLS WERE BAD?

    Oh thats right THESE walls protect American citizens and property but the walls on the southern border are immoral.

    AFL-CIO blasts AOC’s Green New Deal. This is an amazingly important proclamation by labor unions that Dominate PA, OH, MI and WI. Why? Every candidate for the Democratic nomination has SIGNED OFF ON THE GREEN NEW DEAl. Even though in the coming months they will backtrack to try and keep union support.

    I have said repeatedly the Democrats no longer give a shit about labor unions or the middle class. That is because a communist society is CLASSLESS. It will destroy labor union jobs.

    This announcement by the AFL-CIO just handed Trump MI, WI, PA and OH once again. Now all he has to do is protect Texas.

    The caveat here is if Biden is the nominee and then what happens to the millions of Bernie bros and far left whackos who hate white men, especially white men. They flee to the green party, dont vote or vote for Trump who is more like Bernie Sanders than biden would ever be. And if a far lefty GREEN NEW DEALER gets the nomination then the Bernie bros stay home but they lose the labor unions, the moderates and most independents.

    Either way the trade off the left has put themselves in is a win for Trump and taking back the House for the GOP in 2020.

    All because BUILDING WALLS IS EVIL unless its a democratic plan. Orange man bad does not change a single voters mind. Those that agree already hate Trump, those that do not are working and getting a 401k and health insurance and feeding their families again. YOu think they are going to give that up for tax increases to fund TRILLIONs of dollars in social engineering and the destruction of a dozen sectors of our society for the Green New Deal.

    build the wall you have a state full of leftists who you have managed to terrify with the sky is falling global warming bullshit. Go for it. I’m sure NY’ers will love paying EVEN MORE TAXES.

  3. Professor Hale says:

    So. Just another huge construction project that isn’t needed and is paid for by other people. I’m sure the taxpayers of Chicago will be pleased to fund NYC coast projects. And since these projects are ALWAYS underestimated, the real cost is likely closer to $30 Billion.

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Since we haven’t the stomach to stop global warming, we Humans must adapt to it, and that’s what coastal cities are doing. What’s the big whoop? And when does new construction wreck an economy?

    All walls are not bad. Only a moron would say that.

    • formwiz says:

      Tell me that the next time the polar vortex visits the Wicket City.

      Since we haven’t the stomach to stop global warming, we Humans must adapt to it, and that’s what coastal cities are doing.

      Nothing to do with stomach, everything to do with good sense.

      And the coasts do it because they’re run by the same Democrats who have those high murder rates.

  5. StillAlive says:

    Solar Forcing for CMIP6
    K. Matthes and B. Funke
    The importance of radiative solar forcing in particular for regional climate
    variability is becoming increasingly evident (Gray et al., 2010; Seppälä et al.,
    2014). These regional effects are a combination of stratospheric induced UVvariations (“top-down”) as well as surface effects induced by visible and IRvariations and atmosphere-ocean coupling (“bottom-up”).

    However there are still uncertainties in the atmospheric solar signal and its transfer mechanism(s).
    In order to best represent regional solar effects, it is important for climate
    models to use spectrally resolved solar irradiance data. This can be done only
    in models with a well resolved radiation scheme. There has been some
    discussion on the magnitude of spectral solar irradiance (SSI) changes in
    particular in the UV part of the spectrum, which is important not only for middle
    atmosphere heating but also ozone chemistry (Ermolli et al., 2013). Recent
    progress has been made to better constrain the SSI forcing and an improved
    version of earlier SSI recommendations will be provided this time.

    We recommend the inclusion of HOx and NOx productions by solar protons in
    models with interactive stratospheric chemistry

    Due to the lack of continuous observations of precipitating energetic electrons
    from auroral and radiation belt sources, datasets such as those used for solar
    protons are currently not available.

    Future Solar forcing data (2015-2100, extended to 2300)
    Predictions about how solar activity will develop in the next 100-300 years are
    at present not possible. Thus only statistical estimates of future activity can be
    made based on the analysis of solar activity reconstructions. The CMIP6 future
    solar forcing scenario will be constructed by projecting past sequences of both
    solar and geomagnetic data into the future in order to guarantee consistency of
    different solar forcing types. The choice/ combination of adequate historic
    sequences will be motivated by statistical estimates of future solar activity (e.g.,
    Steinhilber et al., 2013).

    TL:DR The current climate modeling does not include solar forcing or cosmic ray effects when modeling for climate. the CMIP6 is set to introduce this into their new models. Unlike Jethro who makes shit up about stuff he does not understand the current climate modeling does not include any kind of solar forcing because it has been deemed insignificant and YET the AGW crowd screams about UV rays being absorbed and not released back into space causing the earth to warm.

    What is CMIP? The objective of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP) is to better understand past, present and future climate changes arising from natural, *******unforced variability****** or in response to changes in radiative forcing in a multi-model context. The last here refers to CMIP6 which is to use for the first time detailed radiative forcing from the sun. In past modeling it was excluded or GUESSED because it was assumed >.01 percent of UV radiative forcing was inconsequential in the models used in cmip-cmip5.

    The IPCC stated in their current assessment that cmip6 would use radiative forcing for the first time. A direct contradiction to Elwood P. Brain and Bill Bear who call me a moron for actually understanding climate science and how it is studied.


    The fundamental objective of CMIP is to improve our understanding of past, present and future climate change arising from natural variability or in response to changes in radiative forcing principally linked with greenhouse gas emissions. Why the intercomparison? *****Unfortunately, there isn’t a definitive climate model that faithfully simulates all aspects of the climate;*****

    In conclusion at least in CMIP6 the use of radiative forcing will become more influential in climate modeling which as I stated in an earlier post the climate models do not even take into account radiative forcing because they do not have accurate measurements that are long term and the ones they have only date to 1979 and are suspect at best.

    However the AGW movement is still not taking into account the spin of the sun, the 22 year hale cycle and the effects the hale cycle as on El Nino and La Nina both of which heat and cool the earth substantially. The CME blasts from the sun lead to el nino’s and the dormant effects of the sun lead to la nina’s cooling the planet. The noted observations are that these lag by as much as 3 years. With the cooling of the sunspots and the perturbations in the suns rotational angular motion there is little doubt among physcists that the earth is headed for drastic cooling and not continual warming.

    Meanwhile Elwood will have to google his brains out to keep up with me. While your at it look at Hadley cells and their effects on warming.

    • Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

      Meanwhile Elwood will have to google his brains out to keep up with me. 
      I wouldn’t worry. Nignorant has no brains, lacks reading comprehension skills and is incredibly lazy.

    • Bill Bear says:

      “A direct contradiction to Elwood P. Brain and Bill Bear who call me a moron”

      False. I have never made that comment regarding StillAlive.

      Fabricating statements from others is, of course, a common denialist tactic.

  6. Jl says:

    So what exactly is comrade Bill preparing for? Here I thought no meat Mondays would stop all bad weather…Anyway, the rate of sea level rise at The Battery unchanged since Lincoln was President.

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