CNN: Global Warming Also Causes It To Get Cold Or Something

According to Warmist dogma, the last glacial age was super hot (via Watts Up With That?Watts Up With That?)

Is it climate change or global warming? How science and a secret memo shaped the answer

As director of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, Anthony Leiserowitz gets brought in to a lot of conversations about the topic. He shapes stories about it with other scientist for publication. He talks to CEOs and politicians. He gives lectures. He’s ready to answer just about any heavy questions about the complicated subject. But often, the first question he gets is a simple one.

Is it global warming or climate change?

“If I had a penny for every time I was asked that,” Leiserowitz mused.

The term “global warming” seemed to be more in vogue in the past decade, although President Trump uses it these days to make fun of the concept on Twitter. (snip)

In 1979, the first decisive National Academy of Science study looking at the impact of CO2 on climate, known as the Charney Report for its chairman, used Broecker’s term “global warming” to discuss the link between the increase in carbon dioxide emissions and surface temperature. It used “climate change” to talk about the other changes it would bring.

What changes?

“The term ‘global warming’ confuses people because it triggers thoughts about warmth, and it sort of lends itself to misinterpretation when it also impacts the cold,” said Mike Hulme, a professor of human geography at the University of Cambridge whose work focuses on the way climate change is discussed in public and political conversations. (snip)

“You could think of global warming as the large macroperspective phenomenon,” said Naomi Oreskes, a professor of the history of science and an affiliated professor of Earth and planetary sciences at Harvard University who focuses on climate change. “Climate is more complicated.”The term ‘global warming’ also doesn’t get at how it impacts weather locally and regionally.”

In other words, despite the claim from Warmists that CO2, ie, “carbon pollution”, is going to raise the temperature of the Earth to the point where life cannot survive, it also means that it will get colder and stuff at the small level. This is a cult, as they have an answer that fits perfectly into their Beliefs for everything, no matter how absurd.

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3 Responses to “CNN: Global Warming Also Causes It To Get Cold Or Something”

  1. Hoss says:

    Globalwarmingclimatechange can mean nothing and mean everything according to the left’s needs at the moment. Again, they act as if the climate has been static in every geographical location since the dawn of time, and that the microcosm of time that we’ve spent recording temperatures on Earth is significant. The scaremongering is nothing more than the left chasing more tax revenues and “fundamental change” in America. I certainly don’t see them doing shit to change their behavior to save Gaia.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      The mean global surface temperature (oceans, land, troposphere) is increasing, mostly in the past half-century or so, as a result of increasing CO2. The massive increase in energy in the surface is causing changes in local climates, as predicted. These changes are relative to time and place, e.g., a single location can have an increase in summer droughts AND winter deluges.

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