Surprise: Open Borders Attorney Helped Illegals Fake Stories To Stay

Much like most of the asylum claims at the border, where they migrants have been told to make the spurious claims to gain entry to the U.S., many lawyers are getting busted for wrongdoing

Feds: Philadelphia attorney helped immigrants fake stories to apply for green cards

Federal authorities have charged a Philadelphia-based immigration attorney with fraud after a sting operation uncovered evidence that she falsified paperwork to make it easier for clients in the country illegally to obtain green cards.

Andrea W. Clarke, 57, faces six counts of fraud as well as charges of making false statements, according to a federal indictment filed in February. The alleged scheme turns on a counterintuitive quirk of U.S. immigration law — that it can be more advantageous to enter the U.S. on a fake passport and come clean later, than to admit to slipping in surreptitiously.

Prosecutors say Clarke helped three clients concoct stories about entering the U.S. using an alias or a fraudulent passport — even though two had crossed the U.S. border illegally and the third had crossed on a different fake passport. The attorney then helped the trio apply for waivers admitting to the invented crimes but moving forward with their respective immigration cases from inside the United States.

She’s facing a federal jail term of up to 65 years and up to $1.75 million in fines.

U.S. law has stiffer penalties for crossing illegally than for faked paperwork, so, Open Borders advocates are attempting to help by creating said fake paperwork. We’ll probably see more of this as illegal crossing are up and people showing up at legal crossings is down

(Daily Caller) The Trump administration’s asylum policy is prompting more migrants to try their luck at crossing illegally rather than seeking out legal ports of entry, Customs and Border Protection data suggest.

The proportion of foreign nationals attempting to cross the border illegally rather than reporting to legal ports of entry has risen in the past year, according to the data. Those crossing illegally made up 73 percent of all border crossings from October 2017 to January 2018 and then rose to 83 percent for the same period of time ending on Jan. 31, 2019, NBC News reported Friday.

At the same time, the percentage of foreign nationals intentionally reaching out to border enforcement establishments dropped from 27 percent to 17 percent.

The new numbers come in the wake of President Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy. The policy enacted in December 2018 dictates that foreign nationals who seek asylum at the southern border cannot enter the U.S. and must remain in Mexico while their case makes it through the immigration courts — a process that could take months to years.

As well they should. All asylum claims should occur at U.S. facilities outside the U.S. This will weed out the real ones from the fake ones. But, then you have the Open Borders idiots attempting to help them come and stay illegally.

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6 Responses to “Surprise: Open Borders Attorney Helped Illegals Fake Stories To Stay”

  1. Dana says:

    Shazamm! Throw some of the good old American citizens who are enabling illegal immigration in jail, and that’ll help with the problem. The United States Attorney needs to press for the maximum sentence, impoverishing fines, and disbarment, for this scumbag.

  2. StillAlive says:

    Bernie Sanders top aide is an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT. That is where we are headed.

    The foundation upon which the democrats are placing their fortress is simple.

    Illegal immigration is good for their brand. They do not care of the consequences of their actions if it causes them to have power.

    They believe in communism and will move batshit crazy left to get the nomination and then lie out their asses and move to the center like they did in 39 districts in which Trump won but democrats won the house seat because they ran far left then went almost conservative to win the district only to return to the far left once they found their seats in congress.

    We can only hope the left Impeaches Trump. I’m praying for it. Then we get to see the grandiose hatred of the left on full display and trust me even those not interested in politics will watch some of the batshit crazies frothing at the mouth over orange man bad.

    In the end. It will fail. Trumps numbers permanently go over 50 percent and the blacks and Hispanics rise to 50 percent with the walk away movement and the Bernie bros once again defeated by the establishment booker, harris or even Joe Biden. Biden will be a horror story for the left. An OLD WHITE MAN which is antethema to the lefts SJW wars against the world.

    Trump needs to still work on getting jobs into Michigan, Ohio, PA and shore up Texas and its game over for the dems once again in 2020. All the GOp has to do is get back half of the seats lost in Trump won districts in 2020 and they will control the house again.

    I really don’t see things shaping up very well for the Democrats in 2020. And right now they are beating off cause chief justice Roberts appointed by the Globalist Bush JR is now voting with the liberals on almost everything, once again turning the supreme court liberal.

  3. bob says:

    any attorney who helps criminals break the law should be disbarred.

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