‘Climate Change’ Is The Culprit Behind Trump’s Border Emergency Or Something

Obviously, no one ever snuck into other countries, or just moved, before the so-called man-caused climate emergency. This is also yet another case of activism by the Credentialed Media, being as this is in the straight news, not opinion as it should be

The Real Culprit Behind Trump’s Border Emergency? Climate Change

President Donald Trump is expected to convene a new panel that will likely undermine the expert consensus that climate change threatens national security.

But experts say that move is at odds with his recent declaration of a national emergency at the U.S. border, where thousands of the Central American migrants have arrived after fleeing the effects of climate change.

“Yeah, they’re economic migrants, but they’re really climate refugees,” says Robert Albro, a researcher American University who has studied the effects of climate change in Latin America. But “the politics around this is so toxic that it’s unlikely to have any kind of productive forward motion in the foreseeable future.”

We can solve this with a tax, though, right?

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One Response to “‘Climate Change’ Is The Culprit Behind Trump’s Border Emergency Or Something”

  1. StillAlive says:

    If I believed for one second that AGW was a real threat. Not that it might have some merit. I have never said it has no merit. I watched in person a geologists and astrophysicist give a lecture on the weather, AGW and the orbits of the sun.

    He was a central Florida professor. He also was the one who cut ice cores put them under spectrometers and analyzed them. His was a quite interesting lecture. Very entertaining and informative up until the entire audience started getting the gist where he was going with his narrative. Then his jokes weren’t funny anymore. People stopped laughing, the room got funeral silent and listened politely as a good speech with very interesting graphs and charts. Very informative and motivated speech quite literally ran off the rails in the end.

    What was his conclusions. All of the short term weather related events is just statistical noise. something every AGW denier agrees with and understands. When it snows in Las Vegas its just noise. When it snows in the Sahara Desert its just noise. When the El Nino is much stronger than years past its just noise. Noise when compared to the long geological time scales.

    One of the interesting facets this professor laid out was how in the last 500 million years we have had four gigantic and major Glaciation periods. In fact the earth has RARELY BEEN WARM in the last 500 million years. On a geological time scale almost NEVER a few minutes in a 24 hour clock if you will.

    The current Warm period has lasted much longer and is way over due to enter another Ice Age. WAY OVERDUE according to the geological record. The head scratcher is WHY it has not. He put a very beautiful chart on the wall which showed the correlation of the Milankovich cycles and earths temperature and Ice ages. They correspond perfectly with the Geological time scale.

    Now before you go running screaming from the room, this is where he goes off the rail trying in vain to blame it all on AGW. The warm period should have long ago as in a couple thousand years ago, returned the earth to a ball of ice. Ergo the current 150 years of manmade co2 is irrelevant in preventing the onset of the ice age.

    Additionaly in his beautiful charts The sun spot cycles correlate beautifully with warming and cooling over the last 18,000 years. He predicted the earth would grow considerably warmer in the next five years. He said not only is it going to get hot but its going to get damn hot. No one laughed by this time since he was trying to prove to skeptics why the earth was going to warm up.

    Now I want to ask yourselves a few pertinent questions.

    Why do we want to encourage the onset of life ending Glaciation?
    Why do we fear warming and some flooding, none of which is going to raise the seas catastrophically over the next 100-300 years.
    Is man in his vanity capable of preventing the earth from returning to the ice age.

    Now in his lecture he pointed out using every extensive ice core data that the earth is extremely cold. Terribly cold and has been for 500 million years. We are still in the throes of an ice age of gigantic proportions. The only reason humans have survived is because of the warmth provided by the current interglacial which is long overdue to return to the deep and deadly freeze which will most likely see the demise of mankind or at least reduce our population from 7 billion to perhaps 700,000.

    The facts were indisputable until he began talking about how mankinds few 100 molecules of co2 were going to turn the earth into a saunta in the throes of a long over due return to full blown ice age.

    The interest facet of this speech was it took place 7 years ago. His prediction was it was going to get warm because of co2 and the sunspot cycles reaching their solar maximum in 2017. In other words the current sunspot cycle was just beginning and the result should have been an increase in sunspots but there was not the increase predicted. Instead sunspot cycle 24 has been very weak with sunspot cycle 25 predicted to be even cooler.

    To wit. A climate scientist predicted it would get warmer, the climate scientists did everything in their power to not look like fools by making it warmer while bemoaning in secret the fact it was not getting warmer.

    All of this in the throes of a long over due Return to glaciation.

    If ever it was important to inject co2 into the air to help with a bit of warming on this planet it is now because the long over due period of glaciation and the current extremely Long period of warming is in danger of coming to an end sooner rather than later.

    In the end his predictions based upon quite intelligent and extremely well laid out graphs, charts and geological records was wrong. It has not warmed. The last three years have not been warmer than average and the events depicted around the globe are just statistical noise. Something to keep in mind every time you see an article to twitter feed telling us deniers how stupid we are for thinking their is no man made global warming.

    We are statistical noise.

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