Polar Bears Invade Russian Town, ‘Climate Change’ Blamed

First they were telling us that polar bears were going extinct, and would starve to death. Now they’re doing well and running around in gangs

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Fences have risen around kindergartens. Special vehicles transport military personnel to their work sites. Residents of the island settlement are afraid to leave their homes.

Novaya Zemlya is a Russian archipelago stretching into the Arctic Ocean. It once played host to Soviet nuclear tests, including the largest-ever man-made explosion, when the so-called King of Bombs detonated in 1961, releasing 50 megatons of power and deepening an arms race that threatened to turn the Cold War hot.

Today, the barren landscape is under siege — from dozens of polar bears locked in their very own sort of hot war. Marine ecologists have long been sounding the alarm about the peril posed by global warming for the vulnerable species. In the far reaches of Russia, the situation has suddenly become traumatic for humans, too.

Officials in the Arkhangelsk region, where the archipelago lies, on Saturday declared a state of emergency because of the marauding mammals. Polar bears are typically born on land but live mostly on sea ice, where they hunt and feed on seals. But as arctic ice thins, which is linked to the acceleration of climate change, the animals move ashore, ravenous. They scavenge, sometimes coming into contact with human populations.

At least 52 bears were massed near Belushya Guba, the main settlement on the island territory, which is still used as a military garrison, with restricted access to the public. The town had a population of about 2,000 as of the 2010 Census.

Of course, there’s no scientific proof that the warming is mostly/solely caused by Mankind and “carbon pollution.” The thing is, polar bears have been in the town before, they’re just getting a much bigger population this time. And there could be a better reason than the mythical man-caused climate change

(Siberian Times – which has some really great photos and videos) Former resident Anastasia Bondarenko said the bears are no longer scared of man and have become ‘insolent’.

She said: ‘There are no more enemies. That is  they became  insolent. This is scary. When they walk under your window at night, it is creepy.’

And they are hitting up the dumps. They are searching for free, easy meals. Just like we see with so many other types of animals around the world. Just like raccoons like hitting up your garbage can. So, yes, it is pretty much the fault of mankind, but nothing to do with ‘climate change’.

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4 Responses to “Polar Bears Invade Russian Town, ‘Climate Change’ Blamed”

  1. Professor hale says:

    So, the Russians even tried nuking the Polar Bears and they came back even stronger. We need more global warming or the bears will kill us all.

  2. Louis Miller says:

    So I’m thinking less environmentalism helps the bears.

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