Republican Warmists Is Super Excited To Do Something About ‘Climate Change’ While Jetting Around The World

It just goes to show that not all Warmists are Democrats here in America, just like not all Democrats are pro-baby killing. And this has made the Washington Post’s fake Conservative (one of them) Kathleen Parker super giddy

This South Carolina Republican is off to tackle Everest — then climate change

Tom Mullikin is that guy — you know, the one who finishes Christmas dinner then takes off to scale Mount Everest, conducting business by satellite phone to check progress on his plan to build an ocean reef upon his return.

Yes, a reef.

But first, Everest. If Mullikin succeeds in reaching the summit, he’ll have met his modest goal of becoming the world’s only human to both dive the planet’s five oceans and scale its seven highest peaks. Why not?

Mullikin himself is remarkably modest given the breadth of his interests and goals — the aforementioned reef not the least of them. The idea, he explained to me over a recent lunch, is to create a coastline buffer that would help diminish the effects of flooding during severe weather. Anyone familiar with South Carolina’s seashore and hurricane history knows that somethingought to be done. But what?

To answer that question, South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster (R) authorized a state flood commission in October and named Mullikin its chair. In addition to being an adventurer, Mullikin is an avid environmentalist and eco-lawyer, a pro-business Republican (formerly a Reagan Democrat), as well as a former U.S. Army judge advocate general officer and the recently retired commander of the South Carolina State Guard. He’s also the creator and leader of Global Eco Adventures, a nonprofit educational organization through which Mullikin takes students and policymakers to ecologically fragile areas for a close-up perspective on global warming, a view best achieved, apparently, from the highest peaks and deepest dives.

Hmm, seems like Mullikin is a typical hypocritical Warmist, eh? Jetting around the world on fossil fueled vehicles and taking others with him.

Mullikin is that rare conservative who knows that climate change is real and that human contribution is part of it. He also knows that there’s no way to tackle the problem without a global approach. “We only have one atmosphere,” he says. That China’s toxic emissions have effects elsewhere may be an obvious observation. Less obvious, perhaps, is the State Department’s finding that 70 percent of the mercury deposited in the United States comes from global sources.

At one time he worked for Senator Al Gore, so, yeah, pretty much a Statist at this point.

BTW, Everest has pretty much been ruined, turned into a trash bomb, by people like Mullikin. Not very environmentally friendly.

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2 Responses to “Republican Warmists Is Super Excited To Do Something About ‘Climate Change’ While Jetting Around The World”

  1. formwiz says:

    Mullikin is that rare conservative who knows that climate change is real

    If he thinks that climate change is real, he’s no Conservative, just another Whig.

  2. Professor Hale says:

    Only 70% of Mercury is from Global sources? The rest is from space?

    I’m not seeing anything in the article about what makes him “conservative”.

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