Governments Will Have To “Nudge” People To Eat Less Meat Or We’re All Doomed

This comes from people who refuse to tell us that they have mostly given up their own eating of meat

Save the Climate, Eat Less Red Meat

The way we eat is going to have to change — that is, if we are to preserve a livable climate on Earth. A new international study makes this clear. Over the next three decades, the food system’s impact on the environment stands to at least double if humanity carries on eating the way it does now. The negative effects include pollution and species loss, but the greatest threat by far is posed by greenhouse-gas emissions from growing, processing, packaging and transporting food.

More than two-thirds of those food-related emissions come from meat production, according to the 23 researchers involved in the study — led by Marco Springmann of Oxford University (and including Jessica Fanzo). Hence, their critical recommendation: Consumers, especially those living in certain high-income countries where meat is a significant part of the daily diet, are going to have cut back and adopt a more plant-based “flexitarian” diet. (snip)

Governments, of course, will have to help nudge dietary change and encourage sustainable food production, even as they continue to support economic growth and public health. At a minimum, they’ll need to give farmers incentives to adopt sustainable practices, and regulate the use of land and fresh water required for agriculture.

For significant change to happen in any country, the food and beverage industry will need to be persuaded to revise its offerings to deliver healthy choices within environmental limits. By diversifying the foods it produces, it could help steer consumers in affluent countries toward a more plant-based diet, and help people in low-income countries achieve balanced diets in line with their national dietary guidelines — that is, a healthful mix of fruits and vegetables with enough meat and dairy for adequate protein.

See, but “nudge” and “help” they mean implement all sorts of laws, rules, and regulations that force compliance. Opinion writers Jessica Fanzo and Shreya Das forget to tell us how they’ve gone to a “flexitarian” diet, and are pushing for Bloomberg News to dissallow meat to enter the offices. Linked to this is PETA, which got a bit ahead of themselves

Can’t wait to see what’s on the menu at the upcoming UN IPCC COP24 climate change meeting, where over 10,000 people will head to Poland using fossil fuels, and will want meat on the menu. Will the UN make sure that only 10% of the food offered is meat? Yeah. Right. Good luck with that.

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  1. DeGaulle says:

    The obvious solution to this problem is to encourage global warming. The increased CO2 will stimulate plant growth, enabling the rearing of more food animals per unit area and consequently freeing up more land for wild fauna. Everything and everybody wins. Reducing global temperatures is obviously detrimental to all life forms, apart from those with windmills and electric cars to sell.

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