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Surprise: Warmists Keep Pimping Taxes As A Solution To ‘Climate Change’

I hate to keep going to this same well again and again and again, but, they keep going to this same well ad nauseum The most powerful force for fighting climate change – now This was first published by the Wall Street Journal. Last week gave the world a ghastly climate show-and-tell. First came the new […]

If All You See…

…are horrible building materials that make the temperature skyrocket, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Lid, with a post on why a Democrat was forced to resign (it’s pure Liberal World). Here’s the curvy lady!

Climate Doom Today: It Could Maybe Possibly Make Beer More Expensive

The Cult of Climastrology has spun the wheel and decided this is their point of attack today Thanks To Climate Change, You May Need To Shell Out More For Beer, Study Finds Climate change has been blamed for the wild swings in agricultural crop yields, but it could also result in a doomsday scenario for drinkers: Beer, […]

Democrats Seem Rather Upset That Republicans Are Running Lots Of Ads Attacking Illegal Immigration

And those ads are targeting the Democrats and their pro-illegal alien policies, which has made many Democrats very upset Republicans Are Spending Unprecedented Sums to Attack Democrats on Immigration Despite outrage over family separations, Democrats don’t seem to see immigration as a winning issue. Well, yes, advocating for their beliefs in open borders, legalizing all […]

Washington Post: Say, Why Isn’t Congress Taking Action On #MeToo?

Catherine Rampell is in high dudgeon in a Washington Post op-ed States are taking action on #MeToo. Why isn’t Congress? A year ago, the #MeToo movement went viral. First came the naming, shaming and ousting of powerful men accused of sexual misconduct. Then came awareness of the prevalence of such misconduct, and of the intricate […]

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