Eating Now Needs To Be A Political And Spiritual Act Due To ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

There’s nothing that these nutadoodles in the Cult of Climastrology, and the wider Progressive movement, won’t attempt to politicize and ruin

Eating as a political, social, spiritual act: The World Peace Diet

We must believe that we are capable of creating “a place of love and mutual assistance and understanding.” This is how visionary Tim Berners-Lee described the utopianist John Perry Barlow at the time of his death, adding: “I don’t think he was naïve.”

Our current climate change crisis calls for this type of bold, inspiring and transformative action. The book Drawdown, The Most Comprehensive Plan to Reverse Global Warming, put out by Project Drawdown, explains, maps, measures and models solutions that are already in place.

“Drawing down” occurs when we succeed in reducing the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere on a year-to-year basis. This is not a daydream. We are currently achieving this on a small scale. If we scale up these efforts we can reverse global warming. (snip)

Eight of the top 25 actions to achieve this reversal involve food. Each one of us can rethink the food we are producing, eating and wasting. And we can call for more government and industry action to support sustainable food systems.

The World Peace Diet offers one way. This diet encourages mindful eating. Advocates say that many animal-based eaters become so largely because of cultural, social and familial pressures. They argue that it is not necessary to carry on these unexamined and outmoded traditions.

The only thing missing is how they expect this to happen. People won’t do it voluntarily. It would require force of government.

When it comes to food choices, we are encouraged not to examine exploitative relationships with animals or other people. Humans have become ‘rationalizing, ready to disregard science, morals and our well-being, so we can slaughter and consume animals.

These same people are also the ones who support abortion on demand with zero restrictions.

We can choose a non-violent lifestyle. We could choose not to take a life to eat. We could eat an array of nuts, seeds, legumes, fruits and vegetables to meet our nutritional requirements without giving up on taste or satisfaction.

We can ignore tens of millions of years of human evolution, all to “solve” a fake issue.

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3 Responses to “Eating Now Needs To Be A Political And Spiritual Act Due To ‘Climate Change’ Or Something”

  1. JGlanton says:

    I just got back from Costco. Got gas, steaks, salmon, cheese, and bourbon.

    Send me to the reeducation camps!

  2. Rodney Stanton says:

    So say Grace!

  3. Dindu muffins says:

    Stupid warmists

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