Iran Goes To International Court Of Justice Claiming U.S. Is Violating Treaty

This takes a big pair of jihadi cajones to make this claim, and they dug seriously deep to find their reasoning

(The Hill) Iran on Monday asked the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to compel the U.S. to lift recently imposed sanctions, arguing the penalties violate an obscure treaty between the two countries.

Reuters reported that Iranian lawyers argued to judges with the United Nations-affiliated court that the U.S. is “plainly in violation of the 1955 Treaty of Amity,” which was agreed upon as part of an effort to emphasize “friendly relations” and “mutually beneficial trade and investments” between the two nations.

“The U.S. is publicly propagating a policy intended to damage as severely as possible Iran’s economy and Iranian national companies, and therefore inevitably Iranian nationals,” Mohsen Mohebi, an attorney representing Iran, told the court.

Reuters reported that the U.S. is scheduled to respond on Tuesday, though the State Department argued in an written statement that Iran’s complaint falls outside the bounds of the treaty and outside of the ICJ’s jurisdiction.

A ruling is expected within a month, Reuters reported.

When the leaders of Iran are leading the chants of “death to America”, I’m not sure the Treaty of Amity applies anymore


The United States of America and Iran, desirous of emphasizing
the friendly relations which have long prevailed between their
peoples, of reaffirming the high principles in the regulation of
human affairs to which they are committed, of encouraging
mutually beneficial trade and investments and closer economic
intercourse generally between their peoples, and of regulating
consular relations, have resolved to conclude, on the basis of
reciprocal equality of treatment, a Treaty of Amity, Economic
Relations, and Consular Rights, and have appointed as their
Plenipotentiaries: (snip)

Article I

There shall be firm and enduring peace and sincere friendship
between the United States of America and Iran.

I think this rather ended in 1979 when the Shah was deposed, the radical Islamists took over the country, invaded our embassy, and then took our citizens hostage.

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