City Which Refuses To Give Up Fossil Fuels Looks To “Urge” Insurers To Refuse To Cover Fossil Fuels Companies

Could we possibly put this under of government sponsored extortion?

San Francisco climate change resolution ‘just the start of pressure’ on US insurers

The city of San Francisco has taken a definitive stance towards climate change by passing a resolution urging insurance companies to stop insuring and investing in fossil fuels. It’s the first municipal body in the US pressuring insurers to break ties with dirty energy.

“This resolution is sending a powerful message: San Francisco is committed to acting on climate, and that means it won’t work with insurers who are perpetuating destructive fossil fuel projects. This resolution is an invitation to all cities to cut ties with insurers that are creating climate risks for current and future generations,” commented Ross Hammond, senior advisor for US Campaigns at The Sunrise Project, a group that supports social movements to drive the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy as fast as possible.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is first urging the city to screen potential insurers for investments in coal and tar sands, as they’re “fueling climate change and creating an uncertain future for California,” according to Hammond.

Now, the actual resolution is aimed specifically at coal and tar sands projects, not oil and gas. They have gone after those previously. Yet, even if it is about coal and tar sands, why won’t the city give up its own use of fossil fuels 100%? Further, this kind of extortion would be illegal in the private sector, would it not? It’s a shakedown.

Perhaps San Fran should worry more about the poop, dirty needles, and people doing drugs opening in their streets than this silly thing.

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