Good News: You’re Carbon Footprint Is Making Earth Hotter And Colder

And some people complain when I refer to ‘climate change’ as Hotcoldwetdry and that the people who believe this are members of the Cult of Climastrolgy (and lest someone complain that this is at Fox News, the article is by Chelsea Gohd from

Climate change strengthens Earth’s ‘heartbeat’ – and that’s bad news 

It’s no secret that human activity is changing the climate, and one new study shows how our influence is seriously affecting Earth’s seasons and atmosphere.

Climate change is much more than rising temperatures and melting ice. In a new study, scientists from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) and five other organizations show that human action significantly affects the seasonal temperature cycle in the troposphere, or lowest layer of Earth’s atmosphere — the layer that we live in where weather occurs.

Notice the focus on the lower atmosphere, because the upper atmosphere layers are really not cooperating with the computer models and fear-mongering.

In this new study, scientists examined seasonal temperature cycles in the troposphere and observed the profound impact humans are having on the atmosphere and our seasons. Most notably, the researchers found that because of carbon dioxide emissions, Earth’s seasonal “heartbeat,” or the contrast between hot summers and cold winters, is becoming stronger.

In other words, they’re claiming that mankind’s “fingerprints” (with no evidence shown) are making it hotter and colder. Cult.

More at Watts Up With That?, where Eric Worrell writes “Lucky climate science is settled, otherwise all these apparently conflicting climate predictions might cause real confusion.”

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