Climate Models Totally Predicted This Warm Summer Or Something

The Cult of Climastrology is super happy that one of their hundreds of computer models finally bore fruit, as we see from this activist article at the Washington Post (note: the front page article includes the word How, while the single page article doesn’t)

How climate change is supercharging a hot and dangerous summer

In the town of Sodankyla, Finland, the thermometer on July 17 registered a record-breaking 90 degrees, a remarkable figure given that Sodankyla is 59 miles north of the Arctic Circle, in a region known for winter snowmobiling and an abundance of reindeer.

This is a hot, strange and dangerous summer across the planet.

Greece is in mourning after scorching heat and high winds fueled wildfires that have killed more than 80 people. Japan recorded its highest temperature in history, 106 degrees, in a heat wave that killed 65 people in a week and hospitalized 22,000, shortly after catastrophic flooding killed 200.

Ouargla, Algeria, hit 124 degrees on July 5, a likely record for the continent of Africa. And the 109-degree reading in Quriyat, Oman, on June 28 amazed meteorologists because that wasn’t the day’s high temperature. That was the low . It was the hottest low temperature ever recorded on Earth.

Montreal hit 98 degrees on July 2, its warmest temperature ever measured. Canadian health officials estimate as many as 70 people died in that heat wave.

In the United States, 35 weather stations in the past month have set new marks for warm overnight temperatures. Southern California has had record heat and widespread power outages. In Yosemite Valley, which is imperiled by wildfires, park rangers have told everyone to flee.

And on and on. None of this proves mostly/solely anthropogenic causation, other than potentially land use and the urban heat island effect, as portrayed by overnight warm temperatures.

The brutal weather has been supercharged by human-induced climate change, scientists say. Climate models for three decades have predicted exactly what the world is seeing this summer.

These same models failed to predict an 18+ year pause in rising temperatures, a minuscule rise in what was referred to as “statistically insignificant”. Suddenly, one year sorta comes close, so, utter doom!

And they predict that it will get hotter — and that what is a record today could someday be the norm.

“The old records belong to a world that no longer exists,” said Martin Hoerling, a research meteorologist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Most of their other prognostications have failed to materialize, such as on tropical systems. Wildfires and tornado activity is actually lower than average. And these same models consistently fail to reproduce previous climate.

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  1. McGehee says:

    How does the joke go? Climate models have predicted 15 of the last five unusually hot summers?

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