Teen Vogue Is Totally Impressed With The Teens Marching For ‘Climate Change’

Surprisingly, no one, including Teen Vogue’s Melissa Walker, are bothering to ask pesky questions like “how are you going to travel to these marches” and “what are you doing to make your own life carbon neutral?”

Teens Are Leading 3 Days of Climate Change Activism in D.C. With Zero Hour

The science of climate change, and the evidence of its devastating impact not just in the U.S., but around the world, could not be more clear.

While past generations have fought to make change in this area, none has felt the urgency of the current youth. On Saturday, July 21, Zero Hour — a group founded by high school students — will lead the largest climate mobilization effort by youth of color in Washington, D.C.

“There is no more time,” says Kibiriti Majuto, 20, a climate refugee from the Congo who is a core Zero Hours member and author of their platform. “We do this now or we’re done.”

Got that? We’re done if they don’t…..take fossil fueled trips to complain about fossil fuels. How did Ms. Majuto get to the U.S.? A sailing ship? I love how we let people in, rescue them, and they repay the nation by demanding we do things. Further, are youth of not-color allowed?

Founding member Nadia Nazar, 16, echoes his sentiment: “We only have a little time left until there is no hope to solve this problem,” she told Teen Vogue.

Zanagee Artis, Zero Hour’s logistics head, acknowledges that certain communities have been working on this problem for generations: “We definitely recognize that frontline communities and indigenous peoples have been fighting climate change and fossil fuel projects for a long time.”

“But we know that isn’t enough,” 18-year-old Zanagee told Teen Vogue. “For decades the mainstream climate movement has appealed to people who are already invested in environmental justice.” One of Zero Hour’s goals is to broaden the base of support for climate justice so that people understand the social consequences of the issue as well.

Essentially, this really isn’t about ‘climate change’, it’s just an excuse to push far left Progressive (nice fascist) policies.

Friday, July 20 is the day of the Youth Climate Art Festival, headed by Nadia, where people can experience art and music combined with climate actions. That will include giant Parachutes for the Planet displays from across the world, on-site poster making, art exhibits, musical performances, and Zero Hour organizers engaging with the public on climate justice. The festival will take place in Dupont Circle from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m.

Performers at the festival include Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, a hip-hop artist & plaintiff in landmark youth climate lawsuit; Arielle Martinez Cohen, a 16-year-old singer/songwriter; and the Young Women’s Drumming Empowerment Program, an enrichment and empowerment group for urban teen girls.

All those fossil fuels, all that use of carbon pollution creating electricity, all the garbage that will be left behind.

“We created the People’s Platform to give people ways that they can personally take action that will make a positive impact,” Zanagee shared. “Zero Hour isn’t just a march — it is a movement we hope will spread at the grassroots level through community organizing between youth and their neighbors, teachers, mentors, and everyone else in their lives.”

I wonder what the carbon footprint will be of all the selfies taken by these kids who seem to hate capitalism and a modern lifestyle?

So, when will the Zero Hour kids take a pledge to use no fossil fuels?

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