Your Carbon Pollution Is Driving Conflict And Extremism In Africa

Everything was peachy keen in Africa prior to fossil fueled vehicles, you know

African activist: Climate change is fueling conflict, extremism

An African woman whose people are nomads constantly searching for food and water told Security Council members Wednesday they must consider climate change as a security risk that is fueling extremism, conflict and migration.

Hindou Ibrahim said in a speech to the council that climate change is affecting the daily lives of people in the vast Sahel region who depend on agriculture, fishing and livestock and are struggling to survive.

She said the scarcity of resources has fueled internal migration as well as migration through Africa to Europe, sparked local conflicts that become national and regional and led to the growth of terrorist groups.

Ibrahim, an activist from Chad who co-chairs the International Indigenous People Forum on Climate, which promotes UN action on climate change, urged the council and the broader international community to take action to help them cope.

It couldn’t possibly be that there have always been these problems, and that the extremism is caused by the spread of 9th Century radical Islam, right? Nope. Gotta be you using air conditioning and taking long showers.

“Solutions are there,” she said. “Why not give them access to energy? You can help them go to school. You can help them to get health (care). You can help them to do another alternative in their life and keep them in peace and think about the future.”

I agree, they should have access to cheap, efficient, reliable energy like fossil fuels. Not sure if I’d want to trust nuclear power plants in most of these nations.

Really, what this is all about is wanting more and more of that sweet, sweet climate cash from 1st World nations. As pushed by professional parasites, er, activists.

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  1. Gregg says:

    Point of clarification, that would be 7th Century Fundamentalist Islam. The Muslims are just following the teachings and example of their prophet.

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