Suddenly, Democrats Are Worried About Sanctuary Jurisdictions When It Comes To Gun Control

Did you know that the number of counties in Illinois that have declared themselves sanctuaries from gun grabbing laws has hit 26? And that suddenly the Credentialed Media is wondering if it’s legal

26 Illinois counties have passed ‘gun sanctuary’ resolutions. Are they constitutional?

A “gun sanctuary” trend spreading across Illinois counties in support of Second Amendment rights has raised questions about just who is allowed to decide what is or isn’t constitutional where guns are concerned.

At least 26 of Illinois’ 102 counties have passed “gun sanctuary” resolutions or similar measures. The term is a play on the phrase “sanctuary city,” which describes cities where political and law enforcement leaders limit their cooperation with federal immigration policies and vow to protect immigrant rights.

“Gun sanctuary” advocates say they, too, deserve protection — from lawmakers in the capital pushing for stricter laws on firearms.

So, proponents went to their County Board members and asked them to pass “gun sanctuary” resolutions. In some cases, the resolutions are designed to send a message to Springfield, and in other cases, they promise county employees won’t enforce gun control laws they consider “unconstitutional.”

Lawful gun owners are protected by the US Constitution and the Illinois Constitution (section 22 is rather specific:Subject only to the police power, the right of the individual citizen to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.) There are also sections in both about due process, equal protection, searches, seizures, warrants, etc.

But others say the resolutions bypass the law and create a slippery slope for who decides what is constitutional and what isn’t.

Wouldn’t The Constitution decide what is and isn’t? Rather than politicians with an agenda (who are protected themselves by armed security?)

The discussion continues on and on and on, whereby suddenly there’s this big concern that counties may refuse to enforce state laws that go after the firearm rights of law abiding citizens, which, in most cases, is just sending a message. Which is funny, since there is no right to be an illegal alien in the US Constitution, regardless of what any state Constitution says, since immigration is a specifically designated province of the federal government.

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