Illegal Alien Warns Other Illegal Aliens To “Find Another Country”

Buena Ventura Martin Godinez and her husband refused to come to the United States in a lawful fashion, but, hey, it’s the fault of the U.S. for being heartless

After being separated from daughter at border, mom warns illegal immigrants to “find another country”

It had been nearly two months since Buena Ventura Martin Godinez has seen her 7-year-old daughter after the frightened young mother was separated from her family trying to cross from Mexico into the U.S. They’ve spoken tearfully by phone, but seeing her at a Miami airport Sunday for the first time, she grabbed the child in a tight embrace, tears running down her cheeks during a reunion she feared may never happen.

“I feel very happy, now and to complete my joy I would like to have my husband released,” Martin said in Spanish as her daughter Janne clutched a stuffed dog and blue balloons and played with her younger brother at baggage claim.

Martin carried her infant son from Mexico into the U.S in May, fleeing what she said were threats from violent local gangsters demanding money in their hometown in northwestern Guatemala. Her husband followed two weeks later with the young girl.

We can’t take care of every case of someone dealing with mean people in every country. And why do they never try to stay in other countries? She and her husband could have gone to another part of Guatemala. Or applied for asylum at the U.S. embassy.

Her husband, Pedro Godinez Aguilar, was convicted of the misdemeanor offense of illegal entry into the U.S. and awaits almost certain deportation at a jail in Atlanta.

Buena should be going at the same time.

“I would advise people to find another country to seek refuge … because here the law is very tough. People don’t have a heart,” she said with tears streaming down her cheeks. “Your child is a treasure and to have them separated is very painful.”

OK, bye. If you don’t like it here, self deport. Leave. This is our country, our laws. Go to Mexico. Go to Panama. Or any number of South American cities. And make sure to tell everyone that America isn’t a dumping ground for people who want to come illegally.

Of course, there’s one little problem with the whole above scenario: they were never separated. Look at the last line of the first excerpt, which CBS tried to slip past everyone. She came with her 10 month old son and was caught. And they were never separated. The husband came with the 7 year old separately, and was separated, because who even knew if they were related? So the whole premise of the little girl being ripped from mom’s arms is a manufactured farce being pushed all over the place, like at CNN.

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6 Responses to “Illegal Alien Warns Other Illegal Aliens To “Find Another Country””

  1. captainfish says:

    oh good lord.
    if you don’t want to lose your kids, then don’t break the law and jump borders. Don’t be illegal. Do do illegal things. even citizens know this, but yet humans be humans and think we are always above the law.

    And yes, please do go break the law somewhere else

  2. bob says:

    there are a lot of American citizens who get seperated from their kids every day. that’s what happens when you commit crimes and get sent to jail. why should illegal aliens be treated any differently.

    • Jeffery says:

      When an American citizen is convicted of a crime and imprisoned, after their constitutional due process, are their kids sent to a group jail for children?

      Entering the US illegally is a misdemeanor; seeking asylum is not illegal at all.

      If separating was such a good idea, why did trump back down?

      • drowningpuppies says:

        So little maxine still be aping the field negro, yo.

        Nothing clever or original.

        • Jeffery says:

          Look what The Naughty Little Puppy did this time.

          He pooped on the rug!! Then he rolled in it!!

          In other news:

          Findings by the intelligence community that Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election to help Donald Trump win were “accurate and on point,” according to an unclassified report and accompanying statement by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence released Tuesday.

          At least according to Tass FOX.

          It was also released today that several European countries’ intelligence agencies picked up communications between the Trump Campaign and Russian agents. Mr. Mueller certainly has all that information. One convicted of treason against the US can be put to death.

          • drowningpuppies says:

            It was also released today that several European countries’ intelligence agencies picked up communications between the Trump Campaign and Russian agents.

            Uh no, it wasn’t.
            Fake news from 2017.
            Try to keep up.

            How does losing feel, little maxine?


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