Cult of Climastrology: Bomb Cyclones Are The New Normal Or Something

All because you decide to have a hearty breakfast which included evil sausage in your evil natural gas heated home which is too big in the first place, per Excitable Eric Holthaus

Get used to saying ‘bomb cyclone.’ This is our climate now.

Now that one of the strongest nor’easters on record has swirled off to Canada, it’s time to talk about what everyone was thinking during the storm: Is this just what happens now?

Short answer: yes. Get used to it. Wild storms like this week’s massive coastal cyclone will be part of winters in the Anthropocene.

This storm’s frightening name — the “bomb cyclone” — was derived from an obscure meteorological term and caught on after President Donald Trump’s terrifying tweet about nuclear weapons. The storm wasn’t as scary as all that, obviously, but it still spread havoc. (snip)

Storms like this one have always threatened to flood coasts. Seven of New York City’s 10 worst coastal floods on record have been from nor’easters. With rising seas and warming wintertime oceans juicing the power of cyclones, there’s good reason to expect that huge winter storms will pose an increasingly severe risk to coastal communities in the Northeast. In fact, it’s exactly what we expect will happen with climate change.

So, massive cold weather and snow is now “exactly what we expect will happen with climate change”? Good grief. These people just won’t give up.

Winter may be the last refuge of climate deniers, so it makes sense that they’ll work harder to seize on cold-weather storms. It’s a window into their view of the world. Appearance is enough evidence. It’s all that really matters. Given what’s at stake in the oceans and on land, such views should be seen for what they are: a threat to our safety, just as real as any bomb.

What’s also interesting is that Eric just called it weather. When Skeptics note the cold weather, it’s just weather. When Warmsists discuss it, it is totally doomy worthy ‘climate change.’

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5 Responses to “Cult of Climastrology: Bomb Cyclones Are The New Normal Or Something”

  1. Dana says:

    We’ve got -2º F on the farm this morning; 254 K sounds a bit warmer, I suppose.

    Can we please have the warming part of global warming?

    • Jeffery says:

      Wow, how unusual, if not extreme, to have -2 so far south. Wait until summer when it will reach a comfy 110 soon enough.

      Even though it’s cold where you are this morning, the Earth continues to warm. It’s understandable that people be most concerned about their own immediate comforts and it takes effort to be concerned for others.

      For example the folks along the Louisiana coast are suffering because of sea level rise.

      • drowningpuppies says:

        Yep, it’s worse than we thought, little guy!
        That took a lot of effort on your part to post this article and everyone here knows how concerned you are for others.

        For example, did you give the folks you employ a Trump bonus with all that money you saved in taxes?

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  3. Why do I need to get used to saying a word I got along fine without all my life? The old words still work just fine.

    “It’s really cold outside”
    and my favorite, “Winter”.

    Journalists are so full of themselves. They can’t wit to create a trend out of thin air and then demand everyone jump on board.

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