Blue States Turning To Tax Evasion Post GOP Tax Bill

Wait a minute, I thought Democrats were in love with higher taxes? And that they thought paying more in taxes was patriotic? Oh, right, right, this only applies to Other People paying more in taxes. Here’s the LA Times Editorial Board

Losers in the GOP tax plan, blue states are unwisely turning to tax evasion

Congressional Republicans say the $1.5-trillion tax cut they passed last month will produce far more winners than losers, with the typical family of four earning the median income saving more than $2,000 this year. But the losers will be easier to find in states with high tax rates and elevated property values — like, say, California. (snip)

Similar tax hikes loom for residents of New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and other high-tax, high-cost states. But state lawmakers aren’t ready to accept the hand that Congress has dealt; instead, they’re looking at ways to change their own tax codes to help their residents evade the higher federal levy.

Their outrage at the slap from Washington is understandable; it seems hardly coincidental that congressional Republicans would target a deduction that matters most to blue states. But rather than respond with real tax reforms of their own, they’re resorting to tax-dodge gimmickry.

That’s because these Blue state governments still want to hit their constituents up for money to fund redistribution projects and illegal aliens and such. So, what does the LATEB recommend?

In short, the new tax law produces winners and losers, as big changes in the tax code invariably do. With one of those changes hitting high-cost, high-tax states particularly hard, Californians are naturally suspicious and looking to fight back. There are reforms to the state tax code that could help reduce the maddening volatility of its revenue while also helping on the federal tax front — for example, by reducing income taxes in favor of new levies on carbon and services. But that’s not the approach taken by De León’s bill. Instead, it offers a clever tax-avoidance scheme, exploiting a loophole that Congress should have closed long ago to magically transform tax payments into “charitable contributions” — as if the state budget were a food bank or the Red Cross. Californians deserve a better tax overhaul than Congress just delivered, as do all Americans, but this isn’t the way to get one.

Got that? Replace one tax with another that will also increase Californian’s cost of living. Only in Liberal World. And let’s not forget that these “tax avoidance” schemes are really only going to help the rich. It’s really not something the middle and lower classes can take advantage of.

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8 Responses to “Blue States Turning To Tax Evasion Post GOP Tax Bill”

  1. Dana says:

    Hey, if the Pyrite State wants to transform state taxes into charitable contributions, that’s great . . . since charitable contributions are optional!

    Rock on, California, rock on!

    • Stosh says:

      The new tax laws were thought through as much as any other law California has passed recently. So it’s optional, but that won’t matter because libs love paying taxes…

  2. alanstorm says:

    But paying taxes is PATRIOTIC…..!

    Once again, lefties demonstrate their lack of patriotism.

  3. Jeffery says:

    TEACH typed:

    I thought Democrats were in love with higher taxes?

    Do you ever have a sincere or honest thought or are you as stupid as you appear. Liberals support paying the taxes necessary to support the work of the nation. They prefer that the taxes be assessed fairly and that one political group not be made to support the other. That’s why Dems, even wealthy libs, support politicians who favor an equitable tax structure that shifts the burden from the working classes to the wealthy.

    We’re not surprised that conservatives want others to pay taxes in the con’s stead. It’s ever thus.

    • Fargo says:

      I’ve come to the conclusion that Teach must actually be Jeffery. A troll that never gets fired, is always calling Teach names and never once gets reprimanded for it.

      Therefore I will no longer be responding to Jeffery. I think hes just a click baiter.

      • drowningpuppies says:

        Finally figured that out, hey?

      • Makes sense. But he is such a convincing sock puppet. He has all the mannerisms down. It’s Like watching the Muppets. You know they are just puppets, but they are so convincing.

        I stopped responding because as a matter of policy, I don’t argue with children or retarded people.

  4. Jl says:

    “Supports a tax structure that shifts the burden from the working classes to the wealthy.” Funny-as if only one “class” works. Well J, that exactly how our tax structure works as said many times. We have one of the most progressive systems in the world. So what are you guys bitching about now?

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