Goracle Confuses Weather With Climate

Is anyone surprised?

The link goes to, what else, Gore’s Climate Reality Project, meant to enrich Gore’s wallet

World-renowned climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann explains why the bitter cold and snowy conditions gripping the US are “an example of precisely the sort of extreme winter weather we expect because of climate change.”

Pretty every bit of weather, no matter what it is, seems to be “what they expect from Hotcoldwetdry.” Is there anything that they believe scientifically invalidates their Cult? And when it’s a mild winter, they’ll say that’s ‘climate change.’ Or an average winter. A snow one. Not snowy one. Everything.

I wonder if Warmists David Robert will chastise Gore?

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2 Responses to “Goracle Confuses Weather With Climate”

  1. Fargo says:

    No doubt owning a million oil and coal stocks.

  2. Oil and coal stocks are peanuts compared to the billions he will make if he can ever unload all those carbon credits he is sitting on. For him, it was never about the science. Just another way to move money from other people to himself.

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