Bummer: ICE Agents “Pounced” On Illegal Alien

This has made many pro-illegal alien supporters very sad

(NY Post) Federal agents dragged an illegal immigrant out of a Brooklyn courthouse Tuesday, prompting a wild scuffle between his Legal Aid lawyer and court officers.

The plainclothes US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents pounced on Genaro Rojas Hernandez as he sat on the bench, speaking to his lawyer, Rebecca Kavanaugh, outside a criminal courtroom awaiting a hearing in his misdemeanor assault case.

Hernandez, a 30-year-old father of two originally from Mexico, is facing charges for allegedly assaulting his wife. He has lived​ ​in the states​ illegally​ for 15 years but has no prior arrests.

He was ​cuffed and dragged off by the ​ICE ​agents — but not before court officers pushed Kavanagh out of the way, she said.

Kavanaugh, and several other Legal Aid lawyers, were dragged out of the way by the court officers because they were interfering with a lawful arrest by federal agents. They are now Very Upset that the court officers “helped with the arrest of an illegal alien”, which they are supposedly not supposed to do. The lawyers are actually lucky that, according to State courts spokesman Lucien Chalfen, they weren’t “arrested for obstructing governmental administration.”

“They were pushing and shoving me out the door,” Kavanaugh said. “It was a silly misdemeanor case … on track to be dismissed.

Apparently, in Liberal World assaulting one’s wife is silly when performed by an illegal alien.

Court officers said Kavanagh yelled for Hernandez to “run,’’ but she adamantly denied this.

“The idea that I was attempting to interfere with an arrest is crazy. I’m an officer of the court. I’m a lawyer. I would never attempt to interfere on an arrest,” she said.

I’ll trust the court officers over someone who refers to domestic assault as “silly.”

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2 Responses to “Bummer: ICE Agents “Pounced” On Illegal Alien”

  1. Bkhuna says:

    I’m an officer of the court. I’m a lawyer. I would never attempt to interfere on an arrest,”…

    She should be arrested for aiding and abetting.

  2. o0Nighthawk0o says:

    Would never interfere with an arrest but was dragged out of the way because she was interfering with an arrest.

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