Gun Control Group Asks Web Hosts To Ban “Ghost Gun” Sites

Does anyone want to bet that these same people working for the Giffords Law Center To Prevent Gun Violence also support net neutrality, which we are informed is all about making sure the Internet is free and unfettered? Regardless, gun grabbing groups will always be gun grabbing

(AP) A gun control group founded by former U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords asked two web hosting companies on Friday to shut down websites selling parts and machines that help make untraceable homemade firearms known as “ghost guns.”

The Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence asked the providers that host and to disable the websites for violating the hosting companies’ terms of service.

The sites sell kits, components and machines that help create homemade semi-automatic weapons. It’s legal to build a gun in a home or a workshop, and advances in 3-D printing and milling have made it easier to do so. The kits can be purchased legally for a few hundred dollars without the kind of background check required for traditional gun purchases.

Attorneys for the gun control advocacy group said the homemade weapons are increasingly being used in crimes and asked each of the companies to “invoke its policies to help stem the tide of this illegal, deadly behavior.”

They argue that the hosting companies, Shopify and DreamHost, should invoke their ability to disable and terminate the websites. The group argues that the two sites sell “the sort of products that have already caused scores of senseless deaths — and are likely to cause many more, unless taken off the market.”

Nowhere in the terms of service for either hosting company provide for termination of a website because the site is not approved of by Leftist gun grabbers. Especially when the product is legal. And when GhostGunner provides terms that explain the legality, and how its use is legal, and that it may require registering the weapon in certain areas.

Cody Wilson, who runs, said the products he sells on his website are legal and in compliance with federal regulations. He has said although there is no legal requirement that he conduct background checks, he tries to take precautions to make sure the weapons aren’t used nefariously.

“This is an attempt to apply pressure to deplatform a legal, American business selling legal products to law-abiding customers,” he said.

This is what Liberals do: they do not like a product, so, they will look to ban it through every avenue available. Interestingly, they aren’t applying pressure to the lawmakers.

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3 Responses to “Gun Control Group Asks Web Hosts To Ban “Ghost Gun” Sites”

  1. Jeffery says:

    TEACH: Are there any websites that you would like to see shut down?

    • McGehee says:

      He lets you comment here. I suggest you take that as your answer.

      • Jeffery says:

        And I appreciate it, as I’ve said before. Most Con sites ban reasonable comments after just a few comments. See how long you last criticizing some of the odious jimhoft’s lunacy at the Gateway Pudenda.

        How about ISIS sites on bomb-making? Roy Moore sites, er, underage teen porn sites?

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