Good News: Humans To Be Extinct From ‘Climate Change’ By 2026

There are Warmist prognostications, and then there are Warmist Prognostications (via Watts Up With That?). We start with this Toronto Now “article”

Are we headed for near-term human extinction?


The take-away

Out of control climate change means feedback mechanisms may accelerate beyond any capacity of human control. The occurrences discussed in this article are five of some 60 known weather-related phenomenon, which can lead to what climate scientist James Hansen has termed the “Venus Syndrome,” where oceans would boil and the surface temperature of earth could reach 462 degrees Celsius. Along the way humans could expect to die in resource wars, starvation due to food systems collapse or lethal heat exposure.

Given all that remains unknown and what is at stake with climate change, is it irresponsible to rule out the possibility of human extinction in the coming decades or sooner?

Moving on to

Will humans be extinct by 2026?

And there are several graphics to go with the long insane (scam) post, such as

As David Middleton writes at WUWT?

There really is no way to describe this sort of nonsense without using a word that rhymes with petard. The author, Sam Carana, presents this table to itemize the sources of 10.02 °C by 2016.

I don’t know. These people are worse than the rhymes with word. At least they’d have a legitimate excuse, unlike Warmists.

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3 Responses to “Good News: Humans To Be Extinct From ‘Climate Change’ By 2026”

  1. McGehee says:

    Eventually they’ll be telling us the seas have already boiled and the Russian Occupied Trumpernment is covering it up.

  2. Dana says:

    2026? Heck, I’m surprised he didn’t pick January 20, 2025.

  3. drowningpuppies says:

    Oh no, it’s even worse than we thought.

    Roy Moore +7

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