It Gets Dumber: Youth Football League Won’t Play National Anthem To Avoid Controversy

On one hand, you can see where they’re coming from

As Nurse Patriot notes “The fans will start singing it. You watch”

Controversy over the NFL national anthem protests may seem far separated from children’s sports in the Houston area, but one youth league is putting a stop to any potential issues by canceling the anthem before their games.

Starting Saturday, the national anthem won’t be allowed at youth games, according to leaders with the Cy-Fair Youth Sports Association. The change is an effort to prevent controversy in case people choose to use the anthem for political displays, they said.

Obviously, the point here is to keep the wacko America, cop, flag, military hating people who also love Che, Mao, and Castro from creating problems, especially in America, cop, flag, military loving Texas. On the other hand, they’re taking the celebration of Freedom away from the majority. I wonder if someone will bring their boom box and jam it out?


Gray’s Creek High School’s principal Lisa Stewart sent a recorded message to parents Thursday night to “address concerns regarding a potential disruption to our learning environment.”

“We have been made aware of social media posts making reference to students forming a protest tomorrow at school,” the message said in part. “As you know, protests are welcome in our society, but are not welcome on public school grounds. Students will not be allowed to protest in any capacity tomorrow.”

So, let’s see: private organizations are not allowed to stop protests, per America cop flag military hating Leftists, but, Government is allowed to shut down protests on government property.

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One Response to “It Gets Dumber: Youth Football League Won’t Play National Anthem To Avoid Controversy”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Was at the MLB game Sat afternoon and it seemed taking a leak, ordering beer, nachos and brats, and walking to your seat during the anthem is OK, but kneeling is disrespecting the military. Taking a dump… OK. Kneeling is anti-American. Got it.

    Thanks for bringing us together, president Dotard tRump. Please go back to trashing those lazy Puerto Ricans who aren’t sufficiently grateful for your many kindnesses.

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