Democrats Say Immigration Could Hurt Republicans In 2018 Or Something

If Donald Trump and the GOP do not defend people who are unlawfully present in the United States, it could mean doom, because people who tend to not vote GOP will not vote GOP again

Immigration controversy could hurt GOP, Democratic poll finds

President Donald Trump’s immigration policies could take Texas and other states with big Latino populations down the same path as reliably Democratic California – if Republicans in Congress don’t support the Dream Act, a new Democratic poll suggests.

Leaders of the Latino Victory Project, which paid for the nationwide poll, found Hispanic voters overwhelmingly disapprove of Trump after his first eight months in office. Trump won 28 percent of the Latino vote in the 2016 election, according to exit polls. The new survey, conducted earlier this month, showed 24 percent approve of the job he’s doing now.

And unlike polling conducted before the 2016 presidential election, Latino voters in this survey ranked immigration issues as their top priority for Congress and the White House to address – overtaking jobs and the economy, which led Hispanic voters’ concerns last year.

Republicans countered Wednesday that Democrats won’t be able flip red states on immigration issues alone. They cited disorganized Democratic state parties and past Republican success with Hispanic voters among their reasons.

If anyone can actually find the poll, let me know. It’s not linked at any article I’ve seen. It’s not available at the Latino Victory Project (which was launched be Eva Longoria, who is a massive supporter of illegal immigration and open borders).

Regardless, if Latinos are more concerned with protecting people who’ve broken the law, that’s on them, and will not effectively change the outcomes of elections, particularly when opponents of illegal immigration will get up and vote when they see supporters of illegal immigration demanding amnesty.

What this is really all about is attempting to sway elected officials (primarily Republicans), who depend on people voting for them, to get scared over the prospect of losing votes (from people that won’t vote for them anyhow) and get on the pro-amnesty bandwagon. Sadly, many Republicans will buy into this, as they have before.

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4 Responses to “Democrats Say Immigration Could Hurt Republicans In 2018 Or Something”

  1. Stosh says:

    Deportation is going to cut down the Dem turnout, so long as absentee ballots are not mailed to foreign addresses.

  2. Dana says:

    Wasn’t that s’posed to hurt the GOP in 2016?

  3. Rotterdam says:

    I noticed your MSM has hardly even mentioned what happened in the German Election.

    Let me inform you a bit.

    Xenophobic populism has returned to German national politics with a bang, this time in the guise of a 38-year-old lesbian investment-banking economist. Alice Weidel is the unusual figure who has come to symbolize the far-right Alternative for Germany’s (AfD) goal-line run into the Bundestag. The AfD’s astounding 13.4 percent finish makes it the first openly chauvinistic, illiberal party to capture seats in Germany’s foremost democratic institution since the early postwar years.


    the far-right Europe-wide, like the AfD, flaunts pedigrees that are anti-immigration (and anti-immigrant), eurosceptic, authoritarian, and volkish, blood-and-soil nationalist – and together, in ever greater numbers, pose a very real threat to Europe’s postwar consensus. More immediately, they now pose a threat to the parliamentary order of Germany’s Bundestag. For the size of their triumph, Merkel herself must bear much of the blame as by refusing to address immigration in the campaign, she left the field wide open for the AfD.

    In other words Trumps speech on nationalism is striking home all across the EU. Its push back against a communist agenda that is meant to undermine Nationalism while eroding the moral fabric of a nation. You wont find the elites talking about this anywhere. Its most likely buried on the back pages of your news in America.

    • david7134 says:

      It is not buried in the US. The MSM never reports on Europe or Asia. You have to leave the US to find out what is going on in the world. On the flip side the rest of the world knows little of what actually is going on here. I was in Korea a few months ago and they actually think Hillary is nice and honest. One hour later, after we told them the truth about the woman, they were mad at having been lied to by their press.

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