Whiny Illegal Alien Youth Are Mobilizing Or Something

Fortunately, all sorts of Democrats are tweeting they are “with them”. They aren’t doing anything about it, but, hey, they’re “with them!”

With Immigration Protections Set to End, Immigrant Youth Mobilizing

Alienated. That’s how Jackie Mayorga felt when she was going through high school.

“There was a point where I just wanted to give up,” she says. “I was like, ‘I really don’t care. I’m just going back to Mexico and do my life there. Why contribute to a country that doesn’t even want me here?’”

And right there is a major problem: we the People of the United States are not at fault. It’s not up to us to “want her.” It’s up to her to make a case, a rational, adult, fact based case, that she should be allowed to stay, that she could contribute. It doesn’t help when she casts blame at the U.S., because

Mayorga came to Columbia (Missouri) when she was three years old, brought over by her parents from a rural town outside of Mexico City. They came seeking work and education for their daughter and they crossed the border with no documentation.

She should blame her parents, who decided to forgo immigrating the legal way.

She graduated from Columbia College in 2016 with bachelor’s degrees in biology and Spanish and works as a medical interpreter. Now 23 years old, she’s contemplating graduate school. But her plans may not be possible.

And took a space and money that would have otherwise gone to a legal U.S. resident/citizen.

With Trump ending DACA, the old feeling of frustration and anger crept back into Mayorga.

“I’ve come so far and done so much for them to rip out one piece of paper from me and it changes my whole life,” she says.

Blame Obama for giving you hope with an Executive Order that could be rescinded at any time. And blame your parents.

Bianca Dennise Arizaga was one of the DACA recipients who spoke to the crowd at the State House. It was her first time speaking out about immigrant issues.

“I do feel that the president’s actions to revoke DACA was the reason us young immigrants decided to become activist,” Arizaga says. “The little sense of security we had from deportation and everything we had worked so hard for, since DACA came out in 2012, is being taken away. Who wouldn’t be motivated to stand up to such an injustice?”

Instead of demanding and casting blame at Trump, they should be contritely asking for help. And blaming their parents.

“If [having no status] means working here under the table and not being in the career I want to, I wouldn’t mind leaving to another country,” she says. “The only thing that keeps me here, this is my home, my parents and family are here.”

Though Mayorga admits, “Canada’s looking pretty good.”

OK, bye. If your attachment is so weak, goodbye.

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3 Responses to “Whiny Illegal Alien Youth Are Mobilizing Or Something”

  1. o0nighthawk0o says:

    And Canada will throw you out quicker than the US will.

    But here’s a crazy idea…… Go back to your home country and then immigrate here legally.

  2. Stosh says:

    “The only thing that keeps me here, this is my home, my parents and family are here.”

    Not a problem, your parents are being deported at the same time as you are…package deal.

  3. Bob spelled backwards says:

    It seems to me that the states and/or feds could institute civil forfeiture for all illegals and they would both self-deport and fund the effort.

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