Surprise: Washington Post Blames ‘Climate Change’ For Tropical Storm Cindy

Richard Cleetus (who’s not a climate scientist: remember, according to Cult of Climastrology talking points, we’re only supposed to listen to actual climate scientists (unless they help the Narrative)) isn’t the first to Blamestorm ‘climate change’ for Cindy, but, you can expect this type of un-science idiocy with any and every tropical system that comes on-shore

Phoenix heat, Tropical Storm Cindy show how climate change is a threat to our infrastructure

Much of the Southwestern United States is reeling under a heat wave so severe that it has forced airlines to ground flights. On the Gulf Coast, millions of people were put on emergency alert ahead of Tropical Storm Cindy, which caused widespread flooding and power outages. Climate change is already affecting our economy and safety, with risks to critical infrastructure — roads, bridges, dams, water and energy infrastructure and military sites.

In Warmist World, heat waves and tropical systems never happened before Mankind drove fossil fuels.

The nation’s infrastructure is already in a precarious state, consistently earning a near-failing grade of D-plus from the American Society of Civil Engineers.

So Obama and the Dems wasted all that money from the Stimulus to fix zip?

Much of it was built assuming past climate and weather patterns, with some margin of safety. But now, climate change — in the form of more frequent and severe heat waves; floods exacerbated by sea-level rise and increased heavy rainfall; droughts; wildfires; and other impacts — is adding an extra layer of risk.

They just can’t help themselves with the insanity. There’s little point in refuting them yet again, as Warmists, like all Progressives, are close minded, do not listen, and continuously ramp up their unhinged talking points in complete opposition to actual scientific facts.

In 2012, Superstorm Sandy left more than 8 million people in 21 states without power, shutting down or damaging at least 165 electric substations, several large power plants, 7,000 transformers, and 15,000 electrical poles.

Remember, we were told that would be the new normal. Just like more tropical storms and hurricanes. Don’t Warmists ever get tired of being wrong?

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