Not A Religion: Being Jewish Requires The Paris Climate Agreement Or Something

We’ve seen the same thing out of Muslim and Christian Warmists, proclaiming that it’s a religious requirement. Why should Jews be left out?

Judaism requires us to pursue the goals of the Paris climate accords

The Trump administration’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement has demanded that we all ask ourselves where we stand on questions of climate change, global warming and our collective responsibility for the planet we call home.

That the earth has been warming in recent years is indisputable. At issue are the causes of this warming and its consequences.

And therein is the debate: causation. Members of the Cult of Climastrology say it is mostly/solely mankind’s fault, yet, they won’t change their own behavior. Weird, eh? It’s almost like they have ulterior motives.

The vast majority of scientists agree that human activities are a significant contributor to global warming, and that the consequences will be significant and even catastrophic. If average global temperatures rise just a little further, not only will vast populations be “inconvenienced,” but environments will shift, food supplies will be disrupted, severe weather events will be more common, animal species will be eradicated and more — all at a rate unprecedented in human history.

Since they have no actual temperature readings to compare from the past, yet another whopper to go with the consensus anti-science talking point.

From a Jewish perspective, it makes no difference that there are those, including a small number of scientists, who dispute the science and therefore that the conclusions are the source of alarm. Because global warming might lead to human deaths, it falls into the category of “safek nefashot,” or occasions when human life might be at risk. And Jewish law is unambiguous when life might be at risk: You are obligated to “err” in the direction of caution.

It would be unfair to say that Judaism requires us to stay in the Paris climate agreement; biblical and rabbinic prescriptions are not simplistically translatable into the details of 21st-century policy. But Judaism does require us to pursue the goals of the Paris accords and even more. The fact that questions remain does not change this conclusion. In the view of Judaism, the survival of the earth and its creatures is our responsibility.

So, all the Warmist Jews, along with the Warmist Muslims and Christians, will give up their use of fossil fuels and go carbon neutral, right? Right?

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  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Friend of obama, friend of bernie sanders, friend of the little guy, white liberal cowardly democrat opens fire on defenseless Republicans.

    And the left celebrates.

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