Did Democrat AGs Break The Law In Their ‘Climate Change’ Inquisition?

Not that Democrats care about breaking the law when whatever “justice” they’re interested in is at stake

(Daily Caller)  A legal expert in financial law said the Democrat-lead probe targeting ExxonMobil is likely illegal and a ruse to paint those investigating the company as champions “in the fight against global warming.”

The Exxon subpoena into the company’s knowledge about internal climate change reports is an abuse of extraordinary powers. It allowed attorneys general (AGs) to subpoena private documents without either obtaining a court order or filing a complaint, Merritt Fox, a professor of law at Columbia Law School, wrote Monday at National Law Journal.

Essentially, Fox is noting that there is nothing contained within any documents that would leave an investor to not invest. No laws were broken by Exxon, and if people were given the small amount of information on Hotcoldwetdry from the company, people would still invest. Is the investigation illegal? I’ll leave it to you to read the articles, but, let’s consider that these are fishing expeditions against private companies engaged in Constitutional Free Speech, and there is not one bit of proof of actual fraud.

Fox, who is also the NASDAQ professor for the Law and Economics of Capital Markets at Columbia University, suggested that from his vantage point, the inquisition looks more like an AG attempting to convince people he is a warrior in the battle against global warming.

“It is really about the attorney general acting as a champion in the fight against global warming,” Fox said, referencing a press release announcing the probe by Schneiderman in which the AG describes storm damage to his state as one of the reasons for the investigation.

I disagree with Fox on this a bit. While they may be attempting to look good for Leftist/Progressives/Democrats, this is about blatant political power. Forcing companies to do what they want (something Fox mentions later), scaring them, putting them under the government thumb, shutting down free speech and free association, scaring individuals and small entities, while also attempting to force them to pony up fines, fees, and payoffs.

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9 Responses to “Did Democrat AGs Break The Law In Their ‘Climate Change’ Inquisition?”

  1. Dana says:

    Well, we already know that one Democratic state Attorney General is a crook, and is now a convicted felon. 🙂

  2. david7134 says:

    The whole Obama administration is as crooked as hell. The Justice department is completely into criminal activity. We really don’t have a rule of law. Think that a sailor is looking at 10 years in jail for less activity than Hillary.

  3. john says:

    Even the Coal Companies are now using the comparison between the Tobacco Wars and Coal
    They no longer expect to “win” Coal is now just hoping to survive

  4. gitarcarver says:

    For the record, john’s hero in NY, AG Eric Schneiderman is the last person anyone should consult on anything scientific.

    He is the same guy that sued herbal supplement makers on the theory that they didn’t contain what they said. The suit was later dropped when it turned out Schneiderman was talking out his butt.

    Schneiderman has also sought to interfere in free market enterprise when it comes to BnB’s, the selling of gas after the tropical storm that hit New York.

    He went after fantasy sports, tried to extoprt money from banks that did not operate in New York City and a host of other money grabs.

    john likes Schneiderman probably because Schneiderman sees New York and America just like john’s utopia of Venezuela.

  5. Liam Thomas says:


    614 Coal Fired power plants in the USA all using CO2 scrubbers now the question for you is this john.

    How are you going to replace those 614 power plants which produce 34 percent of the USA power?

    Windmills that work half the time and will take decades to build? solar That works half the time and will take decades to build?

    Solutions John……?

    I surmise crickets will be the response.

  6. Zachriel says:

    Liam Thomas: Coal Fired power plants in the USA all using CO2 scrubbers

    Let us know when “all” U.S. coal-fired power plants have implemented CO2 capture and sequestration.

  7. Dana says:

    Zachriel wrote:

    Let us know when “all” U.S. coal-fired power plants have implemented CO2 capture and sequestration.

    Let us know when you have converted to 100% solar or wind power, and when you have traded in your vehicles for Nissan Leafs.

    I presume that you are already a Vegan.

  8. Zachriel says:

    Dana: Let us know when you have converted to 100% solar or wind power

    We never claimed that it had happened. On the other hand, Liam Thomas suggested that CO2 scrubbers were common. In fact, CO2 scrubbers are still pilot programs, and there is no solution for the problem of long-term sequestration.

  9. david7134 says:

    Then there is the concept that the whole CO2 thing is a hoax. Again, look at the history of cholesterol to see how the science can be manipulated, the government can make the wrong decisions, industry can be gravely hurt, and the health of people adversely effected by treating something like cholesterol, and the fact that when presented with the real cause of CV disease, the “scientist” will not back down.

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