Bummer: On ‘Climate Change’, Millennials Find No Difference Between Trump And Hillary

Of course, this all probably matters little, because the Little Climateflakes will still vote Democrat. Here’s Newsweek dragging an article from the climate extremist site Grist into the mainstream


One presidential candidate says scientists who work on climate change are “practically calling it a hoax” and wants to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency. The other calls climate change “an urgent threat and a defining challenge of our time.” And yet about four out of 10 millennials in battleground states think there is no difference between those candidates’ views on the issue.

Tom Steyer’s NextGen Climate group released polling at the Democratic National Convention last week focused on millennials in 11 battleground states, conducted by Global Strategy Group in June and early July.

Not mentioned is that Tom Steyer’s group wants massive climate action, so, of course the poll is going to find a way to recommend that Democrats yammer about ‘climate change’ and offer tons of Big Government solutions. Anyway, the poll finds that 21% of Millennials are Sanders supporters, you know, the guy what wants to “bring climate deniers to justice”, treating Wrongthink as criminal, and

Young voters are one of the more unpredictable factors in the 2016 election, because they’re more likely than other age groups to support Sanders and less likely to vote in general. Democrats run the risk of losing Sanders holdouts to a third-party candidate. Nearly seven out of 10 Sanders supporters believe there’s no daylight between Trump and Clinton on the issues they care about.

Huh. How about that. Included in the article is a graphic, which shows that a big position in gaining support from the Millennials is switching from “dirty fossil fuels to clean energy….” 55% say they are “much more likely” to vote for that candidate, with 20% “more likely.” Doing away with the EPA polls even higher with Millennials, with 73% saying less likely to vote for them, and 46% saying would never vote for them.

Then there’s this, which should give Hillary a sad

But this may not help Clinton much because young voters don’t recognize how different she is from Trump. Forty-four percent say there’s no distinction between the two candidates on transitioning away from fossil fuels, and 43 percent say there’s no distinction on protecting air and water.

Hillary only mentioned Hotcoldwetdry in passing during her big convention speech. She barely mentions it at all during her tiny campaign appearances, and, since she really holds no press conferences, she can’t be asked about it.

Even if Clinton isn’t going to be heavily focused on climate, Steyer and his group plan to press the issue on her behalf. NextGen is putting $25 million into efforts to turn out young voters who are concerned about climate change, including at more than 200 college campuses. The group’s hope is that young voters will understand that the stakes are so high for climate change that they will vote for Clinton even if they don’t love her.

Millennials are fools, falling for snake oil salesmen, but, then, they’ve been indoctrinated to think this way. Their job prospects are terrible under Democratic Party policies, and their earnings potential are similarly terrible. Climate change policies will further hurt their economic opportunities and lives, yet, they do not seem concerned about those.

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  1. Jeffery says:

    Why are these formerly tropical viral diseases moving into the “temperate” US. In fact, conservative Fla Gov Scott is demanding the Feds help him in Fla.

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