San Francisco Warmists Propose A “Modest” Property Tax To Fight ‘Climate Change’

Warmists love their taxes

(NPR) Measure AA — on the June 7 ballot in nine Bay Area counties — would raise money to protect the region from the expected rise in sea level.

Mielke says the measure, if passed, “would institute a modest $12 a year or $1 a month parcel tax.”

The property tax is projected to raise $500 million to defend against sea level rise by restoring marshes.

And you can be totally assured that the money would be spent properly, because government is wonderful at protecting the taxpayer’s money, right?

The challenge for supporters of Measure AA is to convince voters who live an hour drive from the bay — nowhere near the shoreline — that it matters to them.

Warmists always want to drag other people into their schemes.

“This is a very tiny tax shared by a lot of people that generates a huge amount of benefit,” says Lewis of Save the Bay, “for San Francisco Bay, for people and wildlife.”

It’s always a very tiny tax. $12 here, a $100 there, added to all the other costs of living increases from not just Warmist proposals, but all the other things their Progressive brethren propose, and we’re into some serious money.

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3 Responses to “San Francisco Warmists Propose A “Modest” Property Tax To Fight ‘Climate Change’”

  1. John says:

    Can’t remember you complaining about the trillions that were wasted in Iraq so that ISIS would have a nice destabilized birthplace

  2. […] Update: On the bright side, at least I don’t live in San Francisco. […]

  3. Hank_M says:

    John, you mean the Iraq of 2010 which Joe Biden said was “one of the great achievements of this [Obama] administration?

    Did something destabilize Iraq after 2010 leading to the rise of Isis?

    As for the topic, the left will use any and all means to raise taxes. It’s what they do. Guess that’s how they rebuild the middle class and help the poor – by taking more and more of their money away.

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