The Bathroom Wars Are Meant To Excite Democratic Party Voters (And NC Files Lawsuit)

Over at A View From The Beach, Fritz is running a post based on an article by PJ Media’s Megan Fox (Widespread Mental Illness Taking Over America, One Bathroom at a Time). I initially intended to link Fritz’s post in today’s If All You See… post, but, there are two points he makes that I’d like to highlight before sending you over to read the whole thing. First up

It is not a mental illness. It is a carefully calculated campaign being promoted by the administration through the Justice Department, and the remainder of the liberal media/academic alliance designed to keep the LGBTQRXY . . . movement focused on electing Democrats. With the gay marriage debate all but over, the movement needs a goal, and designated enemies to keep the fight alive. Otherwise, the newly married  middle class and working gays might be susceptible to the economic blandishments of the Republicans, lower taxes, and less regulation on their businesses.

And Liberal Establishment is more than willing to patronize, pander to, and use these folks, who rarely seem to realize that their being patronized, pandered to, and used.

Next up, this is great

I have a modest proposal for the Republican Congress, that should immediately throw some light on the issue. They should propose to immediately (like tomorrow), order that the Federal Government make all Federal Government bathrooms immediately available to all.  A single Senator and Congressman could propose it, and how could any modern Democrat oppose it? Enough Republicans could go along, and voila! the feds would be suffering under the same rules that they are trying to force on everyone else.

I know the Federal bureaucracy is largely run by little old ladies, and I’m sure they’ll be thrilled to death with the new rules.

And if it works out the way I expect, maybe Republicans in blue states could start introducing similar legislation.

Excellent idea. Included should be all changing rooms and showers used throughout the federal government, with those for the Senate, the House, and the White House specifically mentioned.

Go read the whole thing.

More: No one seems to have the printed story yet, but the TV media, primarily MSNBC, is reporting that North Carolina has filed a lawsuit against the federal government in response to los Federales demanding North Carolina respond to their demands by 5pm today. I’ll update when there are details.

OK, from WRAL

“The Obama administration is bypassing Congress by attempting to rewrite the law and set restroom policies for public and private employers across the country, not just North Carolina. This is now a national issue that applies to every state and it needs to be resolved at the federal level,” McCrory said in a prepared statement Monday. “They are now telling every government agency and every company that employs more than 15 people that men should be allowed to use a women’s locker room, restroom or shower facility.” 1

Specifically, the filing asks the federal court to declare that the law does not violate federal protections for students or federal workplace discrimination laws.

The lawsuit as filed is embedded at the link.

More: Rush Limbaugh has a funny take on this

“The solution here might be that the North Carolina governor could say that we don’t identify as North Carolina anymore, and therefore your lawsuit against us is irrelevant,” Limbaugh suggested. “‘We’re not North Carolina. We don’t identify that way, as long as your lawsuit [is in effect].’”

“I mean, it’s absurd here! What do you mean, the way I want to present one day,” Limbaugh commented.

“So North Carolina, I say just turn it right around” on the DOJ, Limbaugh said, adding, “You know what, we do not identify as North Carolina for the length of your suit.”

Imitating a detractor to the idea who would most likely say, “You can’t do that,” Limbaugh concluded, “Exactly.”

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9 Responses to “The Bathroom Wars Are Meant To Excite Democratic Party Voters (And NC Files Lawsuit)”

  1. John says:

    Teach 2016 will be a tough year for the GOP
    Why try to make it even more difficult over gender policing bathrooms?
    Abd Teach most females are much less homophobic than men They are not making as much fuss about that as men are

  2. Hank_M says:

    “The Bathroom Wars Are Meant To Excite Democratic Party Voters.”

    That’s it exactly. Only idiots on the left care about this stupid issue. Which explains a couple people who comment here.

  3. drowningpuppies says:

    “The Bathroom Wars Transgenders and Dicks Are Meant To Excite Democratic Party Voters.”

  4. Stosh says:

    Simple way to stop the insanity…go into transgender friendly bathrooms and leave the seat up in every stall

  5. Jeffery says:

    It was the right-wing, Republican extremists in the NC legislature who voted to monitor public restrooms.

    Why? To express their disdain for the LGBT community.

    The state schools are about to lose billions of federal funds (taken from blue states) because Republican turds find transgendered folks “icky”.

  6. gitarcarver says:

    To express their disdain for the LGBT community.

    It is always funny to watch liberals that live in a fantasy world.

  7. Jeffery says:

    It is always sad to watch conservatists that live in a fantasy world.

  8. drowningpuppies says:

    It is always funny to watch liberals that live in a fantasy world

    Wanting to keep what you earn and being pretty sure that penises belong in the men’s room and hoo-has in the girls’ is “conservative” now….

  9. Jeffery says:

    And what makes it sad is the damages that conservatist fantasies inflict.

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