Todd Starnes: “Do the rights of boys who identify as girls trump the rights of girls who are born girls?”

Fox News’ Todd Starnes offers some fundamental questions in the Bathroom Wars

Do the rights of boys who identify as girls trump the rights of girls who are born girls?

That question is at the heart of a lawsuit filed by dozens of Illinois parents after the Obama administration’s Department of Education strong-armed their school district into allowing a transgender student the right to use all girls’ locker rooms.

“The girls are mortified,” said Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Jeremy Tedesco, a religious liberty law firm representing some 50 families. “They are in a constant state of fear that their bodies are going to be exposed to a male in these settings. It’s a constant state of stress and anxiety for them.”

Some girls have taken to wearing their gym clothes under their regular clothes. Some wait till the last minute for gym. Some avoid the changing rooms altogether. Many are concerned about using the bathrooms. And many are bullied and called names because they do not want to show their bodies to a biological male who thinks he is a girl.

In 2015 the DOE warned the Township High School District 211 in Palatine that unless they gave a biologically male student unfettered access to the girls’ locker rooms – they would revoke $6 million in federal funding.

In other words, the Obama administration committed a de facto act of extortion.

Why is the federal government allowed to do something that would get anyone or any company in the private sector a nice long jail term? Why is the federal government overriding the civil rights of the majority?

The lawsuit filed May 4th in federal court alleges the DOE’s actions have (among other things) violated the girls’ right of privacy.

“Every day these girls go to school, they experience embarrassment, humiliation, anxiety, fear, apprehension, stress, degradation, and loss of dignity because they will have to use the locker room and restroom with a biological male,” the lawsuit states.

Rather than finding some middle ground, such as an area set aside for the fake girl to change, using a single stall bathroom, etc, los federales and the interest groups DEMAND that the gender confused be allowed to use everything that the real boys and girls use.

Fox Business anchor Trish Regan asked a profound question on her show this week regarding the transgender bathroom controversy that has gripped the nation.

“What about the civil rights of women who don’t want men in their bathrooms,” she asked. “Do their rights matter at all?”

I’m afraid the answer to that question is no – the rights of women do not matter.

And any woman or young girl who complains about sharing locker rooms or shower stalls or bathrooms with a biological male — risks being labeled a transphobic bigot.

Liberals say they are the people that care about women’s rights, yet, they throw women under the bus when the situation arises, they back it up over them. They’ve been doing this when it comes to radical Islam, and they’re now doing it when it comes to the gender confused.

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7 Responses to “Todd Starnes: “Do the rights of boys who identify as girls trump the rights of girls who are born girls?””

  1. Jeffery says:

    Were we ever naive! Now we get it. The right is hoping to Trump this up as a wedge issue against the Dems. Of course.

    It’s never been an issue before – but suddenly the far right legislatures in red state Amerika are making it an issue by enacting new discriminatory laws out the hoo-haw! So-called Family organizations are sending men into Target bathrooms already to cause a scene.

    It’s not about women or rights, it’s about politics!

    See, conservatives are not as dumb as they seem on the surface. They always have a scheme and they take the long view.

  2. david7134 says:

    The right is the group pushing the restroom issue?? Now, you have definitely lost it. I can assure you that the people who view themselves as right, or conservative or whatever moniker you are currently paranoid about never, ever dreamed that just the simple act of going to the restroom would be politicized by Obama and the nut group of the month. For the last 8 years, all we have is discourse that is meant to produce division and discord in society. This has been engendered by Obama and the left and now by your woman, Hillary, the beast. Every norm in our society has been challenged and an effort made to eliminate it. People, even those that you demean as being the stupid middle class, that you some how think you must help, but constantly come up with programs that harm, recognize what is going on, and they don’t like it. One of the promising things about Trump is that people feel he will stop the crap and hopefully reverse it. That is Republicans and Democrats. Yes, I know you or John have some stupid poll that is as worthless as the paper it is written on that would say different. But that is the center of the coming election, a return to sanity. If this does not happen, then look out.

  3. jl says:

    Yes, Jeffery has lost it if he thinks it’s the right pushing this. Then, surprise, he contradicts himself and tells a truth-“It’s never been a issue before.” Yes, J, that’s correct. It’s never been been an issue until liberals and Obama have been trying to make it an issue. Not the right. But, nice try.

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