Virgin Islands Attorney General Persecutes 90 Private Groups Over ‘Climate Change’

Remember back a few weeks ago when I mentioned that the Virgin Islands Attorney General, part of a group of other Democrat/leftist AGs assaulting Exxon Mobile and attempting to criminalize Wrongthink on ‘climate change’, was going after the Competitive Enterprise Institute. It’s actually much, much worse, but, first, remember this

If you recall former Vice President and global warming guru Al Gore and 16 Attorneys General, calling themselves the “AGs United for Clean Power”, announced at a press conference last week that they will criminalize climate change denial by corporations. This is meant to squelch dissent and free speech.

Over to the Washington Free Beacon

The attorney general of the U.S. Virgin Islands is targeting dozens of conservative and libertarian organizations in a racketeering lawsuit against climate change skeptics that has been widely described as an effort to silence political opponents.

In a subpoena issued in March, the office of USVI attorney general Claude Walker demanded from Exxon Mobil copies of communications between the oil company and 90 different political and policy organizations “and any other organizations engaged in research or advocacy concerning Climate Change or policies.”

The subpoena was part of a national, coordinated legal campaign by state attorneys general and left-wing advocacy groups to use the legal system against companies and organizations that disagree with and advocate against Democratic policies to address global climate change.

The existence of the subpoena was first reported by the Wall Street Journal in April. A newly released copy obtained by the Washington Free Beacon reveals the names of the organizations targeted in the effort, which had previously been redacted.

All this is an attempt to chill free speech, to persecute freedom of thought and association. It is the logical extension of the ‘climate change’ movement, though, which has long advocated prosecuting climate skeptics. That thought has become more mainstream amongst members of the Cult of Climastrology. I, along with a few other Skeptics, have been telling people for a long, long time that this whole thing was about Leftist politics, not science. It’s about Fascism/authoritarianism. It’s great to rebut the Warmists with fact filled science, but, never forgot, discount, marginalize, or minimize that this is all about political power, increased government, and controlling people and the private sector.


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17 Responses to “Virgin Islands Attorney General Persecutes 90 Private Groups Over ‘Climate Change’”

  1. Jeffery says:

    A criminal enterprise, even if it’s your criminal enterprise, is still a criminal enterprise.

    Did you complain that VA AG Ken Cuccinelli’s official attack on the U of VA and Dr. Michael Mann was an “attempt to chill free speech, to persecute freedom of thought and association”?

    If not, why not?

    Courts swatted away Cuccinelli’s repeated attempt to squelch scientists from talking about climate research.

  2. drowningpuppies says:

    A criminal enterprise, even if it’s your criminal enterprise, is still a criminal enterprise.

    -the sorry little guy who exaggerates often offers another false equivalence

  3. drowningpuppies says:

    Speaking of racketeering lawsuits…

    “This victory puts on notice those academics who have increasingly inserted themselves into politics, that they cannot use taxpayer-funded positions to go after those who disagree with them and expect to hide it,” said Chris Horner, CEI fellow and co-plaintiff. “These records are highly relevant to the state attorneys general campaign that these academics hoped for, and will be of great assistance to the public in trying to understand how their tax dollars are being used for political fights.”

  4. Hank_M says:

    “Did you complain that VA AG Ken Cuccinelli”

    Not the same thing though, is it jeffery?
    There’s even a chance you know this.

  5. jl says:

    Well, when you can’t win with the “data” you put forth, then the only alternative is to try and criminalize opposing views.

  6. Liam Thomas says:

    It’s actually scary the amount of freedoms the left is willing to give up in the name of science.

    Of course the real argument is to help them realize that they are following these leaders without question, just as Germany followed Hitler or the Japanese Emperor or Stalin, or for that matter name your dictator from the past, present and potential futures.

    For corporations its the bottom line. They have to make money to function. Without this money there would literally be an estimated 57,000,000,000 unemployed around the globe.

    Now the argument goes like this….ah but good sir you can put these 57 million to work building windmills or whatever.

    Yes you could. However there is not enough money in all the governments around the world to fund these ventures because their is no profits to be made and printing money to cover this is not exactly a viable option even though Barak Obama has gotten away with it for 8 years.

    The Tyrant leaders know it. The Warmists know it. The Radicals know it and so begins the slow march that has gotten them so far for so long.

    THE POLITICALLY CORRECT DIRECTION that penalizes and then punishes and makes illegal an action. It is the only way they can win.

    They cannot win with their base arguments and so they do what they have been doing since the 60’s. Legislate, regulate and litigate.

    As an example. Last year there were 114 laws passed. In that same time frame we instituted 3,456 new regulations.


    They will force you into submission. They will legislate your actions and freedoms because you do not believe what they believe then they will FORCE you to comply. They do not care if you believe only that you comply.

    They do not care what freedoms they give up. What actions must be necessary to make the other side capitulate. Freedom is but a word that is unnecessary in a communist/socialist dominated world.

    In the end. There will be chaos. Because in every communist/socialist world in which the leaders force their citizens to believe there is hunger, lack of opportunity, lack of productivity and lack of jobs, food, clothing and the basic necessities of life. There is want.

    The Chinese are proving this today as I speak. Their citizens have finally seen what it is like to have stuff. They want stuff. As they are afforded more opportunities to have stuff…they want more. The more you give them the more they want.

    The left knows this so begins the long march to reeducation of our children to expect little, get little and produce little.

    And they exact their toll by Litigation, Legislation and Regulation.

    Your freedoms are not important to them. The collective is whats important. Their leaders are right of course. They follow them blindly and refuse to see the wrong they do as a distraction from their real cause.

    The end of Freedom because in their collective arrogance they actually believe that mankind deserves this planet forever and ever.

  7. Jeffery says:

    Comment by Hank_M

    “Did you complain that VA AG Ken Cuccinelli”

    Not the same thing though, is it jeffery?
    There’s even a chance you know this.

    It is the same thing. And the right flaunts their hypocrisy.

  8. Jeffery says:


    You voice a common complaint from the right that you’re losing freedoms. What freedoms have you lost, and which ones do you miss the most.

  9. Liam Thomas says:

    You voice a common complaint from the right that you’re losing freedoms. What freedoms have you lost, and which ones do you miss the most.

    1. freedom to practice religion anywhere I choose. As in Xmas displays coming down all over the land. In ability for corporations to say Merry CHRISTmas rather then happy holidays……Essentially being forced to speak politically correctness as DEFINED BY THE LEFT.

    2. Bullets are being purchased by the billions by FEMA….Limiting the amount of ammunition available for purchase. Forced to load your own ammo but interestingly enough the companies that make reload equiptment have been hit with massive regulations forcing the prices of their products thru the roof…….i wonder if the right forced abortions to be unpaid and the charge was 50,000 dollars if their would be an outcry.

    3. Being forced to accept climate change in a collegiate setting or risk being canned. In addition many corporations are terrified of rocking the boat, bowing to pressures placed on them by leftist groups willing to boycott. The loss of the freedom to accept or reject Global warming without consequences.

    4. Businesses forced out of business and heavily fined for refuseing to make gay and lesbian couples simple wedding cakes due to personal beliefs…..Intimidated into compliance or risk losing your business and livelyhood.

    5. Companies boycotted for refusing to acknowledge Climate change, gay rights.

    6. Schools forced to appease left wing groups by no longer pledging allegiance to the flag….a pet peeve of the progressive left…..

    7. Passing out religious literature on school campuses. College campuses forcing students into a small area of the campus in WHICH FREE SPEECH IS ALLOWED……on the rest of the campus free speech is not a right but is subject to disciplinary actions if arbitrary rules are not adhered too.

    8. Allowing entire neighborhoods to adopt Sharia law, while the same resulting Christian attempts have been struck down as unconstitutional.

    9. Transgender bathrooms in public places being forced upon corporations and or people who do not, will not and never will accept such lunacy. These corporations and companies cannot afford to be boycotted.

    10. Boycotting of establishments who do not accept gay or lesbian ways of life as in Chick Fil’a announcing that marriage is between a man and a woman.

    11. Cracker Barrel Banning Duck Dynasty products because they say marriage is between a man and a woman.

    12. Regulations in banking that say banks must extend branches to low income neighborhoods and a hefty percentage of their loans must go to low income or no income applicants while much more qualified applicants despite their ethnicity are rejected due to federal regulations.

    13. The progressive attempt at belittling the 4th of july and holding protests and rallies against those of us who do celebrate the 4th.

    14. Coal companies are being forced out of business because the left believes that coal is bad.

    15. Federal dollars going for Planned parenthood which is then used to fund abortions which only 1/2 of the country agrees with yet the other 50 percent do not receive monies to fund women who decide to have children.

    16. The erosion of our education system. In todays schools a student who even laughs at another student is now branded a bully and is subject to disciplinary action.

    17. Parents are held responsible for their childrens actions and can be jailed for a child bullying another child.

    18. Doctors are being forced out of business due to Obamacare. The drastic reduction in medicare payments has forced 1000’s of doctors to retire making the care for elderly much more difficult and the promise of the left to care for the old has fallen by the wayside.

    19. The government passing regulations regulating medical equiptment. Placing huge taxes on said equiptment creating a medical crunch to hospitals who already have been hit hard by reduced payments for medical services rendered.

    20. Veterans administration losing the ability to serve its veterans because of the lefts hatred of the military. This is seen in the lack of funding and the inordinate amount of wait times for Vets along with poor care do to a lack of funding.

    21. I have been waiting 18 months for surgery on my shoulder because my insurance keeps sending me to therapy and giving me pain medication rather then pay for the expensive proceedure of repairing my torn rotator cuff.

    22. I no longer have the right to say anything I want in public without risking being charged with a hate crime. My free speech has been squelched in the name of political correctness.

    23. If I were to tell you I would never buy an Apple product because its peddled by a gay with a political agenda I am in the wrong. Yet the Gay leader of Apple is in the right for telling me to not buy an Iphone if I do not believe in global warming. Yet if I say I would never buy an Iphone because hes gay I would be forced to appologize….yet equally as disturbing is the CEO can tell me to drop dead if I dont believe in global warming and nothing is done.

    I could really go on and on and on with these.

    The rights I have had squelched are legion. My behaviour modified and my activities much more carefully planned to to the lose of freedom of speech and action forced upon me by this country.

    How about this loss. I can no longer carry a rifle in the window of my truck. To do so even with a permit is illegal. I must pass a course and background check to carry a concealed weapon and If I use that gun in my defense I am assumed guilty until proven innocent.

    And example would be a man robbed a 7-11. A man with a gun outside the 7-11 shot and killed the guy leaving the store who was firing at the clerk. The man was arrested and charged with second degree felony murder even though the man was committing a felony and actively discharging his firearm.

    The list is legion. The freedoms squelched are too numerous to list and the reeducation of the masses is in full bloom from kindergarten until graduation from college.

    but thru it all you will see one common factor.

    LEGISLATE. REGULATE and LITIGATE into submission of giving up your freedoms to the gestapo attempting to take over this country.

  10. Liam Thomas says:

    “Did you complain that VA AG Ken Cuccinelli”

    Not the same thing though, is it jeffery?
    There’s even a chance you know this.

    How is this the same thing as a DA going after corporations who deny climate change.

    This was the Virginia DA attempting to get to the bottom of a STATE SPONSORED SCHOOL’s responsibility in what was rapidly becoming a hot political potato headed by the STATE OF VIRGINIA’s main college.

    This certainly is not even remotely in the same category as the Virgin Islands DA going after Chick Fil’a for denying that climate change is real.

    Additionally the Virginia DA went after the University of Virginia. He did not attempt to garner the emails of East Anglia or Oxford or Bangledesh or the Antarctic preservation society. He went after the public school under his jurisdiction.

    This virgin Island loon is going after Corporations and think tanks around the world in the most audacious display of left lunacy I have ever seen.

    they are not even remotely related or identical in nature.

  11. Dana says:

    Jeffrey asks:

    You voice a common complaint from the right that you’re losing freedoms. What freedoms have you lost, and which ones do you miss the most.

    This is just the kind of question I’d expect from the left: is it OK with you if we curtail a right you won’t really miss?

    OK, I have never exercised my right to a fair trial, or not to incriminate myself, or to a fair trial, so perhaps you think that I ought to be willing to give them up, since I don’t use them and won’t miss them? I exercise my Second Amendment rights in the negative, and we know that the left want to eliminate those, so I s’pose you believe that I wouldn’t really miss those rights the most, and ought to be willing to give them up?

    Sorry, Jeffrey, but your question is more than just bogus, it is pernicious.

  12. Jeffery says:

    Laim, It’s just as I thought. You published a Gish Gallop, none of which are of the government curtailing any of your freedoms, except perhaps your right to carry any weapon you want.

    The freedoms squelched are too numerous to list!

    Maybe just one?

    Absolutely, there are curtailed freedoms in America. You do not have the freedom to kill those that annoy you. You do not have the freedom to shit in your neighbors yard. You do not have the freedom to beat your children. You do not have the freedom to drive while intoxicated. You do not have the freedom to destroy another’s property.

    Say Merry Christmas all you want! I’m an agnostic and say Merry Christmas all Christmas Season and have not once been assaulted or criticized.

    People in business selling stuff to the public have an obligation to serve the public. They can’t discriminate based on sex, race, religion, gender identity, etc. Selling stuff is not a right, businesses require licenses. So it’s harder for businesses to discriminate against people they don’t like, big deal.

    You, as an individual, can still discriminate and hate to your heart’s content. NO ONE is stopping you. If you want to walk through East St. Louis screaming about lazy niggers, the state will not stop you! If you want to put on a Nazi uniform and march through Skokie, you can (although a permit may be required).

    Dana, My question was what freedoms have been eroded. Is your sad caused by my asking for a ranking of which freedom he misses the most?

    Perhaps you can name a freedom that you feel is unfairly curtailed. What freedoms have you lost?

    Put another way. What is it that you want to do that you feel the state is keeping you from doing? Not pay taxes? No catalytic converters?

  13. Jeffery says:

    What about a customer refused service for being a Sanders supporter? With a touch of religion tossed in for good measure!

    ‘I can’t tow you,’” McWade said. “My first instinct was there must be something wrong with the car, and he says, ‘No, you’re a Bernie supporter.’ And I was like, ‘Wait — really?’ And he says, ‘Yes ma’am,’ and just walks away.”

    The conservative Christian suggested he had a religious right to refuse service to Sanders supporters.

    Really? Does a doctor have a right to refuse to treat a Trump supporter? Can a hotelier refuse to house a conservative because they’re a conservative?

  14. Dana says:

    Actually, if a business wanted to refuse service to someone for being a Bernie Sanders supporter, or for any other reason, it should be allowed to do so. We are already seeing Muslim cab drivers refuse to transport alcohol, and the left have been slow to fret about that.

  15. We are already seeing Muslim cab drivers refuse to transport alcohol, and the left have been slow to hasn’t fretted about that in the least


    Fixed that. Liberals have no problems with the activities of Islamists.

  16. gitarcarver says:

    You do not have the freedom to kill those that annoy you……

    Notice that Jeffery’s list of what you cannot do impact the rights of others. Most conservatives and liberals will agree with the general sentiment of “your rights end at my nose.”

    People in business selling stuff to the public have an obligation to serve the public. They can’t discriminate based on sex, race, religion, gender identity, etc. Selling stuff is not a right, businesses require licenses. So it’s harder for businesses to discriminate against people they don’t like, big deal.

    And now Jeffery tries to make the equivalency that while your rights end when there is actual harm to others, others can force you to do things that are against your will, against your rights and cause you harm.

    The idea that you don’t have a right to sell things or run a business has no basis in the foundational rights of the country and no basis in English law. The idea of business licenses came in with progressives in the 1920’s. Before that, the thought of a business being a legal privilege was seen a patently absurd.

    As for what rights have people lost, the right of association is one. The government is now mandating who people must hire, associate with and do business with. When it comes to some issues, the right of free speech has been lost. (Compelled speech is not free speach.) Religious liberty and freedoms are curtailed.

    It is also interesting to note that Jeffery puts up a post about a Sanders supporter being denied service. It’s a good illustration of Jeffery’s hypocrisy as there is no law requiring the man do business with someone he disagrees with. But the fact of the matter is that id the service was denied because the prospective customer was in a protected class, there would have been an issue under the law. The fact of the matter is that Jeffery doesn’t realize that the laws he supports are contrary to the 14th Amendment.

    In short, Jeffery is wrong on the law, wrong on the history and is logically askew with his thought process.

  17. Liam Thomas says:

    Of course what I consider an erosion of my freedoms is just poo poo to a leftist.

    the thought process of a lefty is that the list I just mentioned has been legislated, litigated and regulated therefore they are no longer in the rights column.

    It is no longer my right to speak freely on any college campus. Quite literally I must go to a certain spot and gain permission from the university if I wish to speak about issues that have been legislated, litigated and regulated. There is no free speech because even at this freedom spot there are 10’s of thousands of things I cannot say or do.

    See this is how people on the left justify an erosion of your freedoms as they are nitpicked one line at a time until a freedom to say no within the context of your own business is now regulated and legislated with the threat of litigation if you do not comply with a telephone book of rules and regulations regarding your actions.

    This is not freedom in and of itself. It is death by a 1000 paper cuts. It is disguised in the form of rules, regulations that are deemed essential to protect a certain set of people when in reality a new reg or law will add another group until such actions become the law regarding every person.

    The very act of protecting one group of peoples ideals is in and of itself an erosion of freedom. By excluding one group from the same set of actions. One only has to claim they are gay to garner favor.

    Because of litigation IF I want a wedding cake Tomorrow and I go to a shop the shop can quite literally tell me no. If a gay goes to the same shop at the same time and demands a wedding cake tomorrow the owner of the shop must stay up all night to make said cake or face the literal loss of his business and his savings in fines and penalties for denying a Certain class of individuals their rights.

    Yet he can tell any other group nearly to jump in the creek because he has no desire to bake a christian a cake and thats okay. but to deny a gay or lesbian a cake means the end of his public and personal life.

    They hypocrisy on the left over the erosion of freedoms is astounding and they quite simply cannot see past their noses on this or any of their other pet projects. They have an agenda and that agenda which cannot pass muster with the masses must then be legislated, regulated and litigated until everyone is afraid to not comply.

    The Environazi’s are now turning to the litigate card to erode the freedoms of those of us who are free to deny climate change by going after the corporations and businesses and forcing them to believe what they believe.

    The old Democratic party would be aghast at this. The new one full of bernie sanders socialists and progressive communists are quite content in squelching everyones views that do not conform to their view of the world.

    They have learned to simply LEGISLATE< LITIGATE AND REGULATE.

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