Bummer: Sea Rise Could Totally Doom Facebook’s Shiny New HQ


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According to a group of scientists collectively known as Our Coast, Our Future, they have mapped what a rise in sea levels would do to the Bay area and it appears the locations of several of the world’s biggest tech companies are in the firing line.

“Facebook is very vulnerable,” Lindy Lowe, a senior planner at California’s Bay Conservation and Development Commission said to AP. “They built on a very low site – I don’t know why they chose to build there. Facebook thinks they can pay enough to protect themselves.”

At current projections, a 1.6-foot rise in sea levels by the end of the century – which is at the lower end scientists estimates – would envelop the campus.

Of course, the reality of actual data versus computer models says something different. The sea level trend for the San Francisco observation station has the rise being at 1.94mm per year, equivalent to .64 feet of sea rise in 100 years. The data goes back to 1894. Redwood City has the same trend, but, it’s virtually worthless for its short measuring period. Alameda shows just .24 feet over 100 years, with data going back to 1939. In fact, the majority of California measuring stations show similar data, with only two, which have very short term data, showing over 1 foot of sea rise over 100 years. One station is even negative. We see these same trends in Washington and Oregon.

It’s a real shame when actual physical data knocks out hysterical prognostications.


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4 Responses to “Bummer: Sea Rise Could Totally Doom Facebook’s Shiny New HQ”

  1. JGlanton says:

    1.6 feet is the lower estimate!

    The long-term trend at Alameda is 0.72mm per year:

    This yields 60.5mm by the year 2100. That’s 2.38 inches. Their low (snicker) estimate requires a rate 7.5 times higher than the measured sea level rate.

    Of course they are full of doo-doo as usual, but that is

  2. Bob says:

    I conclude that Facebook built where it is because they know that the climate changers are full of crap. Zuckerberg has more than enough money to find out what the real story is, and enough brains not to build there if the water was really rising.

  3. He will just build a dome over it and it will become their shiny new undersea HQ.

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