Jerusalem Hit With Terrorist Attack, Biden Attacks And Mostly Blames Israel

This article from Haaretz was posted at 11:53pm Israel time. Israel is 7 hours ahead of East Coast time

At least 20 people were injured, two seriously, when a bomb exploded on a bus in Jerusalem on Monday. The Shin Bet security service confirmed that the incident was a terror attack.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to “reach the perpetrators and those who support them, and ensure those who stand behind it are held accountable.” He also sent wishes “for a speedy recovery to all those who were wounded.”

The blast occurred at about 5:50 P.M. on Moshe Baram Street, near Hebron Road, in southwest Jerusalem. It is the first bombing attack in Jerusalem since the second intifada ended in 2005.

They know it’s a terror attack, one which we can certainly blame Islamists, most likely Palestinians, 100%. On to one of the Upper Class Twits

(Fox) Vice President Joe Biden said Monday night that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government was leading the country “in the wrong direction” hours after a bus bombing in Jerusalem wounded at least 21 people.

In a speech to the Israel advocacy group J Street, Biden did single out Palestinian leaders, including Mahmoud Abbas, for declining to condemn specific acts of terrorism carried out against Israelis. The vice president said he didn’t know whether Monday’s explosion was a terrorist attack, but added that the U.S. condemns “misguided cowards” who resort to violence.

However, the bulk of the Biden’s criticism was reserved for Netanyahu, reflecting diminishing patience within the White House as President Barack Obama’s term nears an end, compounded by deep disagreements over Iran and a strained relationship between the two leaders.

This is the equivalent of blaming and shaming a woman for being raped for wearing a short skirt, a woman who was sober and attending a fancy shindig, rather than a sleazy bar. This all simply highlights the Israeli Derangement Syndrome present within the Obama administration and the Democrats as a whole.

Furthermore, the Village Idiot didn’t know if it was a terrorist attack. The attack would have occurred at 10:50am Washington, D.C. time. The Haaretz article went up at 4:53pm D.C. time. Other Israeli news services had their articles up between the time of the attack and late afternoon. Biden’s speech was scheduled for 8:45pm, so he had plenty of time to learn the facts. It was known that an explosive device was found in the back of the bus. It is known that Hamas is once again gearing up, including building tunnels into Israel again, though this doesn’t mean Hamas was involved with the bombing.

And here comes Biden, attacking the attacked, blaming and shaming, further enabling the anti-Israeli forces to continue their attacks, both verbal and physical.

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3 Responses to “Jerusalem Hit With Terrorist Attack, Biden Attacks And Mostly Blames Israel”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Teach, whst you fail or refuse to realize is that one can condemn the attack AND criticize Israel’s counterproductive policies.

  2. Dana says:

    Israel’s counterproductive policies? Yup, I criticize Israel’s counterproductive policy of having not expelled every last Arab from the conquered lands. Had Israel done so in the beginning, she would have shorter, more defensible borders, and the Arabs would not be lving under an occupation they hate.

  3. Jl says:

    Or, one could be smart and condemn the attack while also pointing out how counter-productive terrorist activities are. But then you’d have to be something other than a liberal. And I’m sure they’ll be finding out how counter-productive terroristic activities really are, if they haven’t already.

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