‘Climate Change’ Could Totally Mean More War Or Something

Nope, this is not a joke article, because every day in Warmist World is April Fool’s Day

One Dire Potential Consequence Of Climate Change That Nobody Ever Talks About

Answer by Richard Muller, Professor of physics and co-founder of Berkeley Earth, on Quora:


Climate change could, in principle, affect the productivity of many nations, shifting it from one region to another. It is plausible that changes in climate played a major role in the expansion of the Roman Empire , in the Vikings excursions into France, in the 100-years war.

Let’s consider: the Roman Empire expanded during a period of warmth, and collapsed as a cool period came about, with even more warfare. The Vikings were during that same cool period. The 100 Years war occurred during the start of the Little Ice Age period. While there is certainly violence and war during warm periods, because, heck, we’re humans, and Darwinism discusses survival of the fittest and conflict (a notion Warmists throw out the window in thinking Hotcoldwetdry will kill us all), things seem to be worse during the cool periods overall.

I am not predicting war. Climate change, so far, has been quite mild (1.5C in 250 years), but it is likely to accelerate, and that could bring about economic disruption. Some people argue that climate change will be good; up in Canada I have frequently seen bumper-stickers “Canadian For Climate Change”. But even if good for some regions, it is just as likely to be bad for others.  In Silicon Valley, “disruptive” can be great for the right investor, and disastrous for another.

Notice how Professor Muller drops the “1.5C in 250 years” talking point. Roughly 90 years of that was the tail end of the Little Ice Age, where temps started increasing as it ended. We’ve really only had about .8C to, at most (using the worst measuring points) 1C since 1850, the end of the LIA. This is simply a method to dupe people into thinking it is worse than it is, while also proclaiming future doom. This is the worst of cultish action.

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One Response to “‘Climate Change’ Could Totally Mean More War Or Something”

  1. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host noted:

    Let’s consider: the Roman Empire expanded during a period of warmth, and collapsed as a cool period came about, with even more warfare.

    Clearly, the Romans made the most of the infernal combustion engine, thus expanding their empire and conquering the Western world. Alas! The emperor Septimius Severus became enamored of the ecological movement to fight the climate change caused by the fossil fuel usage, and with his son and co-emperor Marcus Aurelius Severus, banned the burning of fossil fuels, leading to cooler weather, certainly, but also hastening the collapse of the Roman empire!

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