Warmist Links Coming Snow Storm To ‘Climate Change’

Usually, I would use the words “Surprise” or “Shocker” at the beginning of the headline, but, at this point, is it either? This is what the Cult of Climastrology does: either directly blame anthropogenic climate change, or link it. Here’s uber-Warmist Eric Holthaus at the ever increasingly deranged Slate

This “Blizzard for the Ages” Headed for the East Coast Is Very Much the Real Deal

After a record-setting warm spell to start the winter, East Coasters could be forgiven if they started to worry that it was never going to snow again. Fear not, oh dendrite devotees, for Mother Nature has something special planned this weekend.

A few days ago, weather models began to hint at the potential of a major East Coast blizzard. As of early Tuesday morning, those models are way more insistent.

Since early Saturday, nearly every single run of every major model has shown the potential for a foot or two of snowfall on a track to hit somewhere between Northern Virginia and Boston. What’s amazing—perhaps even more so than the impressive potential snow totals—is that all the major weather models are already locked in so far in advance. Simply put: There’s definitely a big storm coming, it’s just the details that are still being worked out. (snip)

The same atmospheric forces that have contributed to the exceptionally warm winter so far will help steer tremendous amounts of moisture toward the coast. Climate change and El Niño have pushed water temperatures in the Atlantic to near record highs right now, which could offer something similar to the boost a landfalling hurricane sometimes gets when traversing the Gulf Stream—a rapidly strengthening storm, though with snow instead of rain.

They just can’t help linking ‘climate change’ to everything. They just cannot prove that it is mostly/solely anthropogenic, beyond talking points and unhinged pronouncements.

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6 Responses to “Warmist Links Coming Snow Storm To ‘Climate Change’”

  1. Dana says:

    What? Snow? In January?

    But, we needn’t worry. On Thursday afternoon, I’ll get the snowblower out of the shed, fuel it up and make sure that it’s going to start and run. When I take those preparations, we always get less snow than forecast.

  2. It never used to snow in the winter, not before carbon pollution from fossil fuels, and your use of a fossil fuels powered snow blower only creates more snow from carbon pollution.

  3. john says:

    WOW more EXTREME weather ? hmmm I guess that is just normal now

  4. xtron says:

    lessee…snow storm for the ages
    lst year we had the snow storm of a life time
    the year befor it was a monumental snow storm
    befor that it was devestating snow storm
    seems every time we have larger than normal snow fall, the media has to come up with a new and more terrifying adjative.
    on the up side, people are starting panic buying two or three days in advance, so there should be fewer bare shelves tomorrow night.

  5. Jl says:

    “More extreme weather…” Here we go again. John, what’s the definition of “extreme weather”? Simple question, and as the astrologists are forever going around claiming there’s more of it they obviously should have an official definition. And-is this the first extreme weather in climate history? How long have humans been around to even record extreme weather? Not long, so how would one know there’s more extreme weather? More compared to..what?

  6. Jl says:

    What’s the matter, John? Are you telling me the hoaxers who breathlessly talk of the next extreme weather event can’t even define about that which they whine all the time?

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