Bummer: Only 27% Say Climate Change Is Mostly Caused By Humanity

For over 25 years, the Cult Of Climastrology has been spreading awareness, hyping doom and gloom, and the years have seen their prognostications become more and more unhinged. They have the news media, the Democratic Party, and the entertainment industry behind them. After all that, this is the best they can do

(NCSE) According (PDF) to the latest Monmouth University Poll, “a large majority of Americans acknowledge climate change is happening, although they are divided on whether human activity is mostly responsible for it.” Monmouth University Urban Coast Institute Director Tony MacDonald commented, “The data exposes the extent to which this has become a partisan political issue in the U.S. rather than a scientific issue,” yet added, “The polling shows that Americans believe we are all very much in this together.”

Asked “Do you think that the world’s climate is undergoing a change that is causing more extreme weather patterns and the rise of sea levels, or is this not happening,” 70% of respondents said yes, 22% said no, and 8% volunteered that they didn’t know. Yes answers were more prevalent among Democrats (85%) than Independents (74%) and Republicans (49%), those 18-34 (76%) than those 35-53 (70%) and those 55 or older (63%), and college graduates (77%) than those with only some college (73%) and those with a high school education or less (63%).

Personally, I’d have to answer “no” because of the extreme weather qualifier. Climate change has always happened, and the world is currently within a lower level warm period. Yes, the seas are rising. Not as much as one would expect during a typical Holocene warm period, but, they are rising. Here’s where it gets dicey for Warmists

Asked “Is climate change caused more by human activity, more by natural changes in the environment, or by both equally,” 27% of respondents said more by human activity, 8% said more by natural changes in the environment, 34% said both equally, 1% volunteered that they didn’t know, 22% already said that climate change is not happening and 8% already said that they were unsure whether climate climate change is happening. The same patterns of responses differing by political affiliation, age, and education were present.

27%. That’s it. All those years, all that money spent on studies and propaganda. Having control over most of the data. Changing the data. TV shows. Movies. News stories. Politicians making dire pronouncements. Governments and institutions smacking us in the face with the issue. Yearly meetings around the world. And, yet, 27%. That’s it. It’s no wonder that solving climate change typically comes in last or next to last on lists of issues that people are concerned about.

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2 Responses to “Bummer: Only 27% Say Climate Change Is Mostly Caused By Humanity”

  1. john says:

    sooo 3 times as many people thought it was being caused by humans as those who said it was being caused more by natural changes in the environment.
    Super BUMMER Teach

  2. Jeffery says:

    27% think it’s mostly humans, another 34% think it’s 50% humans. That’s 61% who think humans are causing at least 50% of the warming. Not bad in America where so many watch and listen to FOX. 22% don’t even understand that it’s warming. Only 8% of those who recognize warming think it’s mostly natural. Bummer.

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