Peak Special Snowflake Syndrome Strikes UNC Chapel-Hill

It’s not that UNC, as it’s known, isn’t a hotbed of Special Snowflake Syndrome; it has long been a hive of lunacy leftism. This is more like turning the amplifier up to 11

(WRAL)  The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill held a town hall meeting Thursday night to provide the campus community an opportunity to share perspectives on how to make the university more inclusive.

Shortly after the meeting began at 5:30 p.m. at Memorial Hall, a large group of students interrupted the event, claiming the university did not include them in the planning process. A few students read a list of 50 demands – ranging from higher faculty pay to the termination of the new UNC system president. The demands also included mandatory racial history education and the removal of statues like “Silent Sam,” a Confederate war memorial on campus.

A group of students, some of them from the Silent Sam Coalition, drafted the demands and released them ahead of Thursday’s forum.

If you’re thinking there was a bunch of screeching, caterwauling, rudeness, and everything else we’ve come to expect from these types of Special Snowflakes, you’d be correct.

The full list of demands is available here, and is about as nuts as you’d expect.

(Raleigh N&O) Their demands were expansive – the elimination of tuition and the use of SAT tests in admissions, no outsourcing of campus jobs and no investments in prisons. They called for gender neutral bathrooms and the firing of the recently hired UNC system president, Margaret Spellings. Then they read additional demands for administrators across the nation, at the University of Missouri, and across the world at the University of Cape Town.

The total list had 50 demands on a wide range of left wing stuff, but, this was all supposed to be about racism

“We all agree on one thing,” said Madrid Danner-Smith, a sophomore. “Systemic racism exists.”

His suggestion drew applause: “Mandatory racial equity training,” he said, for every student, professor, administrator and staff member. “That’s all I got to say.”

Can anyone explain why colleges, which tend to be hotbeds of liberalism, run by liberals, staffed by liberals, taught by liberals, have such a problem with racism, as well as rape and sexual assualt?

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3 Responses to “Peak Special Snowflake Syndrome Strikes UNC Chapel-Hill”

  1. john says:

    Yes Teach it is all so true. Universities have been hotbeds of liberalism for ever. Gee remember when the demonstrated for civil rights for Blacks and didn’t even want to fight the commies in Vietnam ?
    UNC is considered one of the Public Ivy schools. One of the most selective public universities.
    Is there a hint of envy here ? UNC is a big reason for all those “smart” people moving into the triangle,

  2. drowningpuppies says:

    Bitchin’ and whinin’ about some perceived injustice is so much easier than attending class and learning something.

  3. Jl says:

    What’s “mandatory racial equality training”? “Inclusive.” Yes, for everything except including conservative professors. The hypocrisy of these candy-asses is astounding. What they’re probably really after is racial equality in grade-getting. What they ask for tells one much more about them than the school.

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