Man With World’s Largest Carbon Footprint Speaks To APEC About A “Low Carbon Future”

Paris being hit by a big terrorist attack? ISIS on the march? World economy in a duldrum? People living in abject poverty, without power and running water throughout the Asian-Pacific region? Islamic extremism rising? Real world issues? Bah! Climate change!

Obama tells Apec: Let’s talk about climate change

US President Barack Obama on Wednesday urged the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) member-economies to start talking about climate change.

Speaking before the Apec CEO Summit held in Manila, Obama in his keynote speech urged the executives to start investing in climate change resilience for future generations.

“But the topic I want to focus on today would have a greater impact not just on our companies, but on every country in this region around the world. I’m talking about the urgent and growing threat of climate change,” he said.

Obama urged a conversation about climate change as he lobbied for a landmark change deal, which is set to be signed during the 21st Conference of Parties or COP21 in Paris in December.

He urged Apec member-economies to support COP21, an “ambitious agreement” among companies to invest in a “low carbon future.”

How cute. This is the guy who just took a fossil fueled flight on a jumbo jet, first to Turkey, then from Turkey to Manila, Philippines. Accompanying him was a backup jumbo jet, as well as multiple fighter jets. Then we add in the huge number of fossil fueled vehicles for on the ground transportation. The man lives in a giant mansion, which uses vast amounts of energy, and he is able to get food from all over at a whim. He lives a huge carbon footprint life, yet, he wants all these Other People to live a “low carbon future”.

And, no, he did not speak on anything else but Hotcoldwetdry during that speech.

So, my message to you today is that your businesses can do right by your bottom lines and by our planet and future generations. The old rules that said we cannot grow our economies and protect our environment at the same time, those are outdated. We can transition to clean energy without squeezing businesses and consumers. When we double fuel efficiency on cars, that’s money in people’s pockets because they’re spending less money at the gas station.

So far, that’s been a fantasy, as the push has come from Government. Furthermore, let’s not forget that with better fuel economy we’ve seen a massive reduction in gas taxes, which has Government looking for other ways to recoup that money from the public which thought they were saving money.

Americans aren’t concerned about tiny increase of the global temperature. Based on his actual gigantic carbon footprint, neither is Obama. Except as a way for government to increase its control.

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4 Responses to “Man With World’s Largest Carbon Footprint Speaks To APEC About A “Low Carbon Future””

  1. Jeffery says:

    US presidents are hypocrites for discussing global warming!!

    Is that really all you got?

  2. gitarcarver says:

    Is that really all you got?

    You continue to be not able to refute the idea that principled people act on their principles. It is not all we have, (and you know it) but you can’t seem to make a cognitive defense of this hypocrisy.

    We all understand that the President (any president) is going to leave a large carbon footprint. That’s almost a given. But Obama, while calling on others to reduce their carbon footprints, manages to increase his.

    I guess you feel that a man who declares his everlasting love and faithfulness for his wife and yet goes out and sleeps with hookers and other women is a pillar of honoring his principles.

    Most of us see the fallacy in your thinking.

    You cannot.

    Oh well.

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