Excitable Mike Bloomberg Says Best Way To Support Paris Is Attend Climate Change Meetings

These people are nuts

(Breitbart) No, this is not a parody account. Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg really said this.

At least he had the minimal degree of shame necessary to realize this would be a bad time to push his other obsession, gun control. Disarming law-abiding citizens worked out great for Paris, didn’t it?

This isn’t a new idea. The Climate Cult has been pushing global warming as the principal cause of terrorism for years. While hostages were still being slaughtered in the Bataclan concert hall, cultists were suggesting the killers’ true goal was to inconvenience the upcoming Paris conference on climate change… as if ISIS has ever done anything but laugh uproariously and thank Allah for their good fortune when they hear dingbat Western politicians nattering on about how global warming is a bigger security threat than terrorism. Becoming invisible is the super-power every murderer longs for. Islamists love their chances against weak infidel governments that can’t even name them, let alone fight them.

I’d recommend reading the rest of the article, but, let’s flip to the link in the Tweet and see what Bloomberg had to say

On November 13, only hours before terrorists launched despicable attacks on the people of Paris, I met with Mayor Anne Hidalgo to discuss the upcoming Climate Summit for Local Leaders that we are convening on December 4, as part of the U.N.’s gathering of world leaders at COP21.

After watching the city endure a night of monstrous barbarity that left at least 129 people dead and hundreds wounded, I went to Paris’s City Hall on Saturday to offer my full support to Mayor Hidalgo during this painful period. I gave Mayor Hidalgo my personal pledge that I would do everything possible to convince the global community of local leaders to express its solidarity with Paris and the people of France by attending the Summit. (snip)

There is no better opportunity for mayors to support the people of Paris than by accepting Mayor Hidalgo’s invitation to attend the summit. Cities face many common challenges, and overcoming them requires us to stand together – and that’s why the summit in Paris is now more important than ever.

People like Bloomberg are not only shameless, but are beyond insane.

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5 Responses to “Excitable Mike Bloomberg Says Best Way To Support Paris Is Attend Climate Change Meetings”

  1. john says:

    Do I lose my membership in the cult by not believing that the primary cause of terrorism is climate change ?
    I would have thought it was caused by other things such as invasion occupation and continued bombing of muslim countries
    I don’t recall anyone actually saying that bin Laden attacked the USA because of climate change. Perhaps you could give us that citation Teach?

  2. john says:

    drowning puppies would have no problem with reopening the internment camps that we pu Japanese Americans in during WWII
    And of course we could take the American muslims property like we did with those Japs.
    Trumps the leader of the GOP nomination polls has already gone on record as saying we should close all the mosques. This shows what conservatives think of their beloved US Constitution

  3. david7134 says:

    First, you have no idea what DP would do, just like jeff, you put your warped ideas forward as if another commenter was voicing them.

    Now, as usual, you have no idea of the history of a subject for which you are expounding. In point of fact, it was the liberals that hated Orientals. They were continually discriminating against them, just as now. Now, why did our parents and grandparents treat the poor Japs in such a bad nature? Well, when Pearl was bombed, the Japanese on the island hide and suckered the downed Japanese pilots, didn’t know that did you? This started a bit of resentment. Then it was decided to move Japanese nationals away from the West coast, if they could not be determined to be loyal. That is a prudent move as we didn’t have a military, why, because of the liberals. As with our government, they bungled the effort and caused a hardship for the people. Now, many of the Jap’s sons did go on the fight, well. But, 30% of the people that were interned caused unholy hell and were as much of a threat to our country as the actual soldiers. Gee, now why did we separate them?? Now, no one seems to mention that we did the same for Italian and Germans, after all that would make mush heads like you begin to think, although I don’t think that is possible.

    Now answer this, why don’t we profile???? Why do we spend resources on hassling old women in wheelchairs and children of Christians by the TSA??? Why do we go through a security joke when it does nothing to protect us??? Yet identifying people who are Muslims and watching them would be most appropriate and in keeping with our Constitution. Why Muslims?? Because other than random nuts, they are the only ones organizing around their cult and using it to kill innocent people. It is sheer stupidity to keep up what we are doing.

  4. gitarcarver says:

    Trumps the leader of the GOP nomination polls has already gone on record as saying we should close all the mosques.

    Source please.

    I suspect that you read this somewhere and didn’t check it out yourself. What Trump said was that we should monitor for “bad things” and if a mosque is being used as terror planning centers, we should shut it down.

    Are you for allowing terrorist activities to be planned in America, against Americans?

    This shows what conservatives think of their beloved US Constitution

    Actually, it shows that you are willing to lie and do so a great deal.

    And by the way john, in case you forgot, the internment of Japanese during WWII was done by a left leaning progressive administration.

    One of the most vocal and staunch opponents of internment was Ralph L. Carr, a Republican.

    It is also interesting that you refer to the Constitution as “their(s)” Does this mean that you are now formally announcing that you are against the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?

  5. Jl says:

    Actually, John, we’re trying to keep them out in the first place-hence, no internment camps required.

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