Democrats Reduced To Making Fun Of Ted Cruz As A Canadian. Eh

Don’t worry, Democrats will surely pivot back to their normal talking points about throwing grandma off the cliff, the war on women, and Conservatives being the real terrorists very shortly
<blockquote>(<a href=”″ target=”_blank”>Fox News</a>) Democrats have unveiled a new weapon against Ted Cruz: Canada jokes.

The Canadian-born American citizen, and Republican presidential candidate, was the butt of two north-of-the-border jabs this week.</blockquote>
First, a tweet from the official Twitter account of the Democratic Party

Alas, nothing from Democrats about the massive number of shootings in the cities they run, like Baltimore, Chicago, Newark, St. Louis, etc
<blockquote>Then on Thursday, White House spokesman Josh Earnest invoked Cruz again as he celebrated his hometown Kansas City Royals reaching the American League Championship Series where they will face the Toronto Blue Jays.

“I certainly was pleased to see the Royals advance by defeating the Houston Astros last night, and they’re ready to take on Ted Cruz’s other hometown team, the Toronto Blue Jays, next,” Earnest said to laughter from the press corps.</blockquote>
Of course, Cruz was actually born in Calgary, and, one has to wonder if this is appropriate behavior from the Press Secretary of the President of the United States of America. There’s no reason to get Offended, though, because people on the political right can take a joke. And Senator Cruz’s office decided not to respond to this silliness, nor did Senator Cruz respond himself.
<blockquote>”I think this is just sort of like, ‘Don’t worry we’re going to raise this if you become the nominee we’re going to make an issue of this’ even though the history and the precedent of the Naturalization Act of 1790 makes it pretty clear that this would be perfectly OK,” columnist Liz Peek told LIVE. “So I don’t think it’s totally a jest.”</blockquote>
Democrats rarely do anything in jest. They’ve trotted out Ted Cruz Birtherism many, many times, and, let’s face it, Liberals are very humorless people, who think jokes about <a href=”” target=”_blank”>stabbing Skeptics with icicles</a> and <a href=”” target=”_blank”>assassination chic</a> are the height of funny. So, yeah, don’t think this is totally in jest.

And, imagine had high ranking Republicans said something similar about a Democrat. Imagine how Offended they would be, and the calls for resignation.

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7 Responses to “Democrats Reduced To Making Fun Of Ted Cruz As A Canadian. Eh”

  1. Jeffery says:

    There’s no reason to get offended, though, because people on the political right can take a joke.

    And then you type several column inches being Offended. lol

    Our Constitution only requires that the President be natural born so a Cuban-Canadian born in Calgary is as legitimate as a citizen born in the US to a Kenyan father. The Dems should not question Rafael Cruz’s bona fides any more than Repubs questioned the current President’s. If Rafael is nominated, it’s a tribute to Republican diversity that 2 of their latest 3 presidential candidates were not even born in the US! A Panamanian-American who lived in Vietnam for a few years and a Cuban-Canadian-American!

    All Rafael Cruz needs to do to quiet the cabal is to submit his long-form birth certificate and citizenship papers to Don Trump for inspection.

    I’ll spell it out for you irony-impaired cons: Republicans made a big deal about President Obama’s dad being Kenyan. In fact, the current Repub frontrunner was the leading unhinged birther! Get it now? Republicans claimed Obama was somehow Constitutionally ineligible because his dad was Kenyan, but Cruz is OK even though his father was a Cuban citizen and Cruz was born in Canada!

    Can you even imagine the right-wing shitstorm if Obama had been born in Kenya to a Kenyan citizen dad and a US citizen mom??? That’s the parallel with Rafael Cruz!

  2. Jeffery says:

    Democrats Reduced To Making Fun Of Ted Cruz As A Canadian.

    Hardly. Rafi Cruz has plenty of policy prescriptions to lampoon, from a balanced-budget amendment to banning gay marriage. From privatizing Social Security to eliminating the IRS. From a flat tax to deporting undocumented immigrants.

    The fact that he is not a real American is just extra gravy.

  3. jl says:

    “Undocumented immigrants” That’s a good one, J. You of course mean illegal immigrants. So if, say, I don’t pay my taxes, I’d be an “undocumented taxpayer”? Beyond stupid.

  4. Jeffery says:


    So your primary complaint is that I don’t call Mexicans names? Beyond stupid.

    If you don’t pay your taxes you’d wouldn’t be a taxpayer at all, would you. You would be a documented non-taxpayer. Beyond stupid.

    Anyway, a candidate like Rafi, even one who is not a real American, is real enough for the cons as long as he hates Mexicans enough.

  5. jl says:

    “So your primary that I don’t call Mexicans names?” No, my primary complaint is the hypocrisy liberals use in placing names on things. “Illegal” as it was used would seem to be an adjective. But anyway, so “illegal” is calling names but “undocumented” is not? How so? So a person who breaks into your house would be an “undocumented visitor”? As I said, beyond stupid. “If you didn’t pay your taxes you’d be a documented non-taxpayer.” That’s the point. I wouldn’t be called that, I’d be called a tax cheat. If I’m a tax cheat, then they’re illegal immigrants, as in they’re here illegally. Thanks for making my point. By the way, the government could document them but they’d still be here illegally-hence illegal immigrants. “As long as he hated Mexicans enough.” Uh oh, we’re in global warming territory. You have no proof he hates Mexicans. Here on earth wanting to uphold immigration laws is…wanting to uphold immigration laws. So by using your “logic”, an IRS official who wants to catch people cheating on their taxes, would mean he hates taxpayers? Not your finest work, Jeffery.

  6. Jeffery says:

    Once you’re reduced to nitpicking semantic arguments, you’ve lost.

    Rafael Cruz was born in Canada to a father who was a Cuban, not an American, citizen. If he were a Democratic candidate the House would be holding hearings on his birth certificate.

    As I said, it’s fun to ridicule him and his Joe McCarthy looks, but his policy prescriptions are what make him unsuitable for president.

  7. Jl says:

    “Once you’re reduced to nitpicking semantic arguments, you’ve lost.” Actually, once you’re reduced to saying “you’re nitpicking semantic arguments” instead of rebutting the points made, which you of course did not, you get a “nice try at deflection, Jeffery” award. And still end up losing.

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