Baltimore Mayor: We Totally Had Great Leadership Despite Rioting And Violence

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has a hilarious opinion piece running at The Hill, showing serious hutzpah

Unrest happened despite good leadership

I’m wondering who wrote that headline: her or someone at The Hill? Because she’s the person who said “we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that”. And they did just that.

The message is clear when it comes to the need for broad police reforms.  High profile instances of police brutality and the use of excessive force have, over time, broken the trust that must exist between police officers and the communities which rely on them.

In a recent column in the Congress blog, authors Angela Glover Blackwell and Andrew Friedman were correct in their premise that mayors are uniquely positioned to spearhead the lasting change communities everywhere are crying out for.

Last time I checked, that “police brutality” was happening under her watch. And had happened under the watch of previous Democratic Party administrations.

However when it comes to Baltimore, the authors derived all the wrong lessons about what led to the unrest in my hometown.

Baltimore’s unrest didn’t occur because of a lack of proactive leadership – the outrage, burning and looting that followed the death of Freddie Gray occurred despite the proactive reforms that were already in place.  The real lesson from Baltimore is that no city is exempt, even when the local leadership confronts these challenges head on. We didn’t turn a blind eye.

If you read the rest, this is all about covering her own ass, even as she says she will not run for another term. So far, there have been 238 homicides in Mayor SRB’s Baltimore. That’s more than NYC, despite having around 13 times fewer citizens. Violent and property crimes are up in her Baltimore. Baltimore is known for its massive use of bulletproof glass in stores throughout, in order to protect the workers and merchandise.

This is the way it works in Liberal World: refuse to take ownership for all the problems they create, and then claim that they are super awesome.

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