Carly Fiorina Launches “Ready To Beat Hillary” Website

I know Carly is somewhat of an Establishment Republican, but, damn, I love her ground game. Wednesday she scheduled a press conference in South Carolina, taking questions from the press, right where Hillary was, not taking questions. Now

(The Hill) Carly Fiorina is “Ready to Beat Hillary” with a new campaign microsite that seeks to undermine the Democratic favorite’s bid for president.

The new site, launched by Fiorina’s campaign Wednesday, plays off the name of the super-PAC launched ahead of Hillary Clinton’s likely bid and solicits email addresses for the campaign to “join Carly Fiorina and the team that will beat Hillary in 2016.”

It includes seven panels levying criticism of Clinton, alongside video from various speeches by Fiorina underscoring her points.

Those remarks touch on Clinton’s response to the attacks in Benghazi, Libya; her family foundation accepting money from “repressive regimes;” and her purported lack of accomplishments and trustworthiness.

I’m surprised she hasn’t gained more traction, but, it’s still early, and there are lots of good (and squishy) Republicans who are name brands already in the race. But, think, Obama, while being sort of known in 2008, was really a low level candidate, with the race being between John Edwards and Hillary Clinton, till Edwards flamed out over his love child, allowing Obama to rise.

Can she win? She seems to understand the methods of the Internet, social media, and going after another candidate, which helps in attracting younger, technology savvy voters, without alienating older voters. I suspect she could end up as the VP to a Ted Cruz or Scott Walker.

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2 Responses to “Carly Fiorina Launches “Ready To Beat Hillary” Website”

  1. john says:

    Sorry for this belated reply to your comment to me on 06/18/13
    Well FUCK you too and no I didn’t say that the GOP was responsible for the holocaust I said that conservatives pushed back every attempt FDR made to save Jews from the holocaust.
    And most definitely some of those conservatives were not all Republicans
    And no Teach Hitler was not a left winger he was a rightwinger

  2. Seriously? Since I have no idea what the comment was, whatevs.

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