Mother Jones Unintentionally Explains How Liberalism Fails Blacks

Let’s recap: many on the Right simply blame Liberalism overall for the failure of big cities. There are those that the Southern Poverty Law Center refers to as “White Nationalists” (which is apparently a Bad Thing, but not a Bad Thing when people are Black Nationalists and Hispanic Nationalists) who simply blame Blacks, saying they are “reverting to the mean” when gathered in large groups. They make a very interesting and compelling case, but, are they right? Warmists make a compelling case, too, yet they are pretty much wrong. Liberals blame pretty much everything and everyone but themselves. But, could it be that Liberalism is simply bad for Blacks? There are many, many areas and cities where middle class and higher White liberals are doing A-OK, such as Portland, Oregon (you can see more of the breakdown on that in this post). Mother Jones highlights how bad things are in Baltimore

7 Charts Explaining Baltimore’s Economic and Racial Struggles

In the wake of Baltimore’s upheaval, President Obama, among others, reminded the country that the city’s longstanding economic inequality was beneath the response to Freddie Gray’s death. “This is not new,” Obama said. “This has been going on for decades.”

In a new study published this week, a group of Harvard economists quantified Baltimore’s problem with economic mobility. Of the 100 largest counties in the country, they found, Baltimore was where children in low-income households faced the worst odds in terms of upward mobility, followed by Mencklenburg, North Carolina; Hillsborough, Florida; Orange, Florida; and Cook, Illinois.

Perhaps we’ll have to expand the notion that Liberalism is bad for Blacks to include “Liberalism is bad for poor people”.

That’s just one of many sobering measures of life for some in Baltimore, as theWashington Post, FiveThirtyEight, and others have pointed out in recent days. Here are a few examples:

Life expectancy in 15 Baltimore neighborhoods, including the one where Freddie Gray lived, is shorter than in North Korea, according to an analysis by theWashington Post. In eight Baltimore neighborhoods, the life expectancy rate is worse than in Syria.

Baltimore teens between 15 and 19 years old face poorer health conditions and a bleaker economic outlook than those in economically distressed cities in Nigeria, India, China, and South Africa, according to recent research at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Teens in Baltimore, along with Johannesburg, saw the highest prevalence of sexual violence, substance abuse, depression, and PTSD. They were also most likely to report witnessing community violence.

Yay, Liberalism?

When it comes to income inequality between blacks and whites, Baltimore is not alone. As FiveThirtyEight reported, this racial disparity is common in cities where at least 10 percent of the population is black.

Baltimore is over 63% Black. Like most Liberal cities, there is a yawning gap between the top 5% of earners and the bottom 5% of earners. In Baltimore, that lower 5% is mostly Black. Good thing that Liberals have been running their war on poverty for over 50 years, eh? And patronizing Blacks for 40 years. Both have been marvelous successes.

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4 Responses to “Mother Jones Unintentionally Explains How Liberalism Fails Blacks”

  1. John says:

    Before the war on povery started. The poverty rate was about 23% it fell to 1/2 of that under Clinton under Bush it again began climbing
    The threshold for poverty in USA is 23000$ for a family of 4
    conservatives complain that liberalism has failed the poor but we do not see many cons like yourself actually trying to help by. Doing things like being big brothers yo kids without fathers that need role models, do we Teach
    You are always asking warmists to live up to their politics how about personally trying to do something about poverty in the USA instead of blaming others gir not doing enough?

  2. John says:

    The liberals have been trying to go domething about poverty for 50 years. The ultra right has been working hard to stop them

  3. JohnAllen says:

    You keep mentioning that liberal Oregon, specifically Portland is doing well. Truth of the matter is we are lagging the nation in many economic sectors and having a hard time attracting businesses to the state.

    The state and local governments always say they are short of money and wanting more, acting like giant vacuum cleaners vacuuming out money from the general economy slowing business growth and consumer spending.

    While Portland is vary far ahead of Baltimore in prosperity a quick look below the surface shows the same types of people and government actions as Baltimore.

    The government of Portland is entirely in the hands of liberals and has been for some time. This year the liberals have gained complete control of the state government and already the changes are happening starting with new gun control laws.

    Keep an eye on Oregon and watch us go downhill with the accelerator petal to the metal.

    Portland Where The Young come To Retire!

  4. JGlanton says:

    Liberalism and it’s huge government spending growth have been great for blacks in Maryland, if not in Ballamer. Fueled in large part by the growth of six-figure government jobs near the nation’s capital, five of the top ten wealthy black communities in the country are in Maryland. 1/3 of Obama’s trillion-dollar per year spending increases gets spent in this area. If you are black and have any sort of college degree and live in this area and are willing to wear a necktie, you are set for life.

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