Flemington, NJ Deli Owner Closes Down Shop After Posting “White History Month” Sign

This is a big pull at Memeorandum, but it was something I had already seen previously, since I read NJ.com pretty much every day (I’m originally from NJ, the parents are still there, I get my Devils and NY Giants news, and they provide great links)

(NJ.com)  About a month after Jim Boggessposted a “white history month” sign in the window of his Main Street deli, an ensuing lack of business caused him to close his business. This despite a public apology and handshake with Bhakti Curtis, the mixed-race customer who had raised a ruckus over it.

Now, beset by creditors, Boggess has posted a fundraising appeal on the website GoFundMe. It is titled “Jimbos white history sign gone bad.”

The link has the text of the appeal, which you’re welcome to read.

Now, first, this does show the typical double standard. We are allowed to have X History Month/Day for virtually everything else. But, not for Whites. If someone tries, it is Very Bad And Evil, ya know.

More importantly, let’s consider this from the comments

Freedom of Expression does not mean freedom from consequence. He’s probably hoping to get a huge amount like the pizza place in Indiana. It will be interesting to see if the crowd funders go for it.

True. That’s always a thought passing through my head. But, imagine the outcry if a Black/Gay/Latino/Whatever was boycotted due to putting a “History Month” sign. Let’s also consider this

He’s probably a liar and a fraud too. He hangs up sign in March and less than a month he has creditors knocking on the door – doesn’t pass the smell test.

And that was my first thought, as well.

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5 Responses to “Flemington, NJ Deli Owner Closes Down Shop After Posting “White History Month” Sign”

  1. Jeffery says:

    It’s the latest version of wingnut welfare. The grifters find a way to appear aggrieved and count on the “goodness” of others to enrich them.

  2. Jeffery says:

    And there are consequences, good and bad, to actions. I absolutely will not patronize any business that advertises on the local right-wing radio station, or the website. The station makes it easy by listing their advertisers!

    But I’m sure there are right-wingers who do.

  3. That’s very intolerant of you, Jeff.

  4. John says:

    No Teach it is not “intolerant”
    It simply sjows a complete lack if support
    He will “tolerate” those businesses but he will not support them

  5. gitarcarver says:

    So when a person says “I won’t support an Islamic bakery,” you don’t think that is “intolerant?”

    And if your don’t think that is intolerant, shouldn’t a business that does not make things in support of something like gay marriages be left alone instead of being threatened and called “intolerant” by people of your ilk?

    Why is it that a concept that you choose not to support is called “tolerance” but an idea that others choose not to support is called “intolerance.”

    Frankly, I would bet the businesses would be glad that people like you don’t patronize them as without your patronage, the average IQ of their customers jumps dramatically.

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