Good News: DOD Claims Bible, Constitution, Declaration Of Independence “Sexist”

I’ve mentioned this before, and I’ll mention it again: the Left has a virtual lock on many sectors, such as the entertainment industry, the legacy news, unions, Lawyers guild, education, and many others. Now they are going after organized religion and the military. They used to try and destroy them from the outside. Now they are working to do it from the inside, which leads to things like this

(Daily Caller) According to a Defense Department approved “sexism course,” the Bible, the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence all contribute to modern sexism.

Those three cherished texts all count as “historical influences that allow sexism to continue,” according to a presentation prepared by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute, whose mission is to give a ”world-class human relations education.” (snip)

“The content of the lesson is provided to generate academic discussion concerning how these historical documents have been included in discussions about the topic of sexism,” Lt. Cmdr. Nate Christensen, a Defense Department spokesman, told The Daily Caller.

Liberals always have to create in “ism” in order to conquer and divide.

But following TheDC’s request for comment, the sexism course — as well as two other courses listed on DEOMI’s website, entitled “Prejudice & Discrimination” and “Racism” — were taken offline.

In other words, they didn’t want people seeing the actual material.

TheDC continues on with a discussion of the other two courses, regarding “raaaaacism” and the newest bugaboo, “privilege”.

When do our troops train to actually, you know, defend the nation?

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11 Responses to “Good News: DOD Claims Bible, Constitution, Declaration Of Independence “Sexist””

  1. John says:

    Why is the Bible sexist??? Is it because it confines a father selling his daughter into slavery as confined by Leviticus ?

  2. Dana says:

    Trouble is, we have a politically correct officer corps which goes along with this bovine feces, because they know that they will be mustered out if they don’t.

    I would never change the concept of civilian control of the military, but this is what happens when you have the wrong civilians in control.

  3. jl says:

    John-It’s not, and no.

  4. Jeffery says:

    Our founding documents show the fingerprints of the times when they were created and the men who created them. So of course the documents are not attuned to modern mores and contain slavery, child abuse, racism, sexism…

    It’s why we can amend the Constitution and Christians ignore much of their Bible. The men who wrote them reflected the morals and traditions of their time.

    Some consider the epidemic of rape and sexual abuse in our military to reflect sexism. Conservatives claim women are responsible for being raped by being present, and that the best way to stop rape is by arming female soldiers, since the only way to stop a bad man with a gun is a good woman with a bigger gun.

  5. Jeffery says:

    Any man who reads the Christian Bible and believes it is likely to consider women and children as his property. Any woman who reads and believes likely believes women are property of men.

    Christianity, like Islam, views females as less valuable than males.

    Moses commanded his soldiers to kill all the captive male children, kill captive women, except for the virgins, whom the soldiers could keep for their own use, saying:

    31:17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.

    31:18 But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.

    Murder, rape, absolute savagery against children including murder and rape…

    Is that God they talk about the same God in heaven today??

  6. Jeffery says:

    Calling the Bible “sexist” is actually a compliment.

    Have any Christians actually read that book?

  7. Sua Sponte says:

    Well, at least they also brought up the Koran…no, wait….

  8. jl says:

    It’s about time the brown shirts, when they’re done with the Bible, go after say, Huckelberry Finn, as it’s no doubt racist and should be banned from having young children read it in school. Oh, wait-that’s already happened. And while they’re at it, go after every other book that has “murder, rape and absolute savagery against children”, or anybody. Funny, though that the Koran wasn’t mentioned. I’m sure it was just an oversight. But only in the Orwellian world of Obama would we have one of NASA’s jobs to be Mullim outreach and the Defense Department’s to be making sure our books all are PC. Hmm, but how could NASA outreach to Muslims when their operating manual is so sexist and full of savagery? Washington, we have a problem. But only liberals worry about such moronic things.

  9. jl says:

    “Muslim outreach”

  10. Jeffery says:

    The conservative deflector screens kick in again! “Yeah, but the Muslims!”

    How many Muslims are in the US military compared to Christians?

    The basis for Islam is as illogical as the basis for Christianity. The sacred texts of each preach murder, pedophilia, rape and slavery. There, feel better?

    Sexism and racism are a problem in the military. Deal with it.

  11. Jeffery says:


    Do you think the Bible is above criticism? The Koran?

    You also conflate the DOD course on reducing prejudice with banning the Bible. That was a huge leap.

    Brownshirts, Bible burning and Muslim Outreach, oh my!

    All because the DOD is addressing sexism in the ranks.

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