Scottish Warmist: Nationalize All Energy

Of course, this is just one guy writing a letter to the Herald Scotland. But, if one Warmist is writing it, how many others are bobbing their head in agreement?

Energy must be nationalised to address climate change

MES, as the science and engineering literature amply attests, is well established technically. Methods range from electric storage (batteries, capacitors, super-capacitors), magnetic storage (superconducting coils), kinetic energy storage (flywheels), gravitational storage (pumped-hydro, artificial lagoons) to compressed air (in massive underground caverns).

Compressed air and gravitational systems furnish the really massive levels of storage capable of providing the kind of back-up power needed to smooth grid fluctuations in a world of intermittent renewables. For example, lagoon storage systems being developed off Copenhagen, and at Jiangsu, in China, will potentially provide respectively 2.3GWh and 598GWh of electrical energy. These levels are certainly large enough to confidently advocate the rapid development of fossil fuel free grid systems.

Unfortunately, within our worldwide corporate-driven. neo-liberal economic structures, the privatising buccaneers of this system, who control much of the investment in developing technology, will see no merit in storage because nothing is produced and hence nothing exists to sell at a profit. Until energy is nationalised and becomes democratically controlled, the growth of storage capacity, which is essential to the evolution of a secure green electricity grid supply, seems very likely to fail and the transition to green power will not, therefore, advance fast enough to address climate change.

Strange how virtually everything Warmists want dovetails nicely with Far Left Marxist/Socialist/Progressive beliefs, eh?

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One Response to “Scottish Warmist: Nationalize All Energy”

  1. Phil Taylor says:

    In Ontario, our hydro is nationalised. You know the province with Niagra Falls!
    As a result our Hydro is very expensive. Due to years of mismanagement and cronyism it had sung into tremendous debt.
    Finally it went bankrupt and an enormous loan was given to bail it out. Therefore, for over a decade Ontario citizens have been paying a Debt retirement charge of 22.91 every two months, a regulatory charge, and a delivery charge. My hydro bill for two months was 500.00. My water charge was 48.00 and my sewer was 45.37

    A few year ago the liberal Party went to build two coal fire plants close to downtown Toronto. The local residents were against it, so this last year during the election the Liberal Party promised to cancel the plants if the riding voted for them. They did, and the plants wee cancelled. Cost to cancel just one plant is about 2 billion dollars. We have not heard the cost to cancel the other one yet. The builders get their profit whether they build it or not.

    As a sidebar the nuclear plant, also near Toronto has been operating for decades without incident just like the dozens of other plants throught the continent. Yet a nucular plant was not an option. What happened in Japan did not help this issue, but if nucular plants will help “prevent the extenction of the species by 2100” then it does not seem to be a bad option.

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